Monday, August 02, 2010

Jillian is Seven Months Old!

My sweet girl, you are seven months old!!! How is this even possible? I think that it is official that you are no longer a helpless little infant. You are growing so fast that I blink and we are already on to the next month. I feel that every where we go and every one we talk to, always tells me what a good baby you are. And they are so right! You are one of the happiest babies I know. You are always smiling, and kicking those chubby little legs of yours.

You are also such a social and outgoing baby. You love to reach out with both hands and grab the face of who ever is holding you. When you do this to me, my heart just melts. You are also starting to cry for me and reach out for me to pick you up, even when Daddy is holding you. You have certainly been my little buddy lately and I am wondering if this is the beginning of separation anxiety.

Out of the blue this month, you just started clapping. I was changing your diaper and you just started putting your hands together. My heart just melted. You really do pay attention and pick up on everything that we are showing you.

I always take a monthly video along with your monthly photo shoot. I had to share this one because you started clapping in the beginning of it. I am so glad I captured it! Please know that your Mommy and Nana were just acting goofy in this video because we love you so much!!!

Miss Jillian, you are still not sleeping through the night, however, I am hopeful that we are on the brink of the promise land. Your night time schedule is like clock work now. I can always count on you to give me a "boobie call" around 3am. You go to bed around 8am, wake up at 3am to nurse, and then you go right back asleep again until 7am. You did happen to sleep through the night for FOUR glorious days a few weeks ago, but are now back to getting up at 3am again each night. We will get there, I am positive!!!!

Mommy is still nursing you and I have long surpassed my six month goal. I don't think either of us is ready to stop just yet. I love our time together and am starting to treat each feeding like it's our last one. I am at a point where I am used to getting up in the middle of the night to nurse you but know that we need to break you of this habit. You are no longer hungry in the morning for breakfast and I know it is because I am still nursing you at night. I am not ready to take drastic action with any form of sleep training and I don't have the heart to let you cry more than a few minutes. I have been hoping that this would sort of just work itself out.

Jillian, you are still in Carter's size six month clothing and they are just now starting to become a little snug on you. You also are officially wearing a size 3 diaper. I got on the scale with you last week and there was a 17 pound difference between my weight and yours. You are also now regularly drinking from a sippy cup. Mommy needs to hold it for you. You love drinking your water out of it! You will try holding it yourself, but the sippy cup usually ends up on the floor the moment Mommy looks away. Ever since we started giving you Stage I foods, you seemed to have some poopy diaper issues. Daily water out of your sippy cup at dinner seems to have fixed that problem!

Your vocabulary is certainly expanding lately into lots of crazy raspberry noises and piercing squeals. You will be playing in your activity mat and out of nowhere you start squealing in a very high pitch. It's so loud, I am sure the neighbors can hear you. In the morning, I no longer wake up to you crying. Instead, you love to babble and talk to yourself. It's quite entertaining, Mommy and Daddy will lay in bed listening to you. We try not to laugh too loud because if you here us, the babbling quickly turns into fussing to come and get you.

Your favorite toy this month has easily been your jumperoo. You jump now with such strength and energy, I swear one of these days you are going to bounce out of it and hit the ceiling. You can be absolutely crazy in it. I think the ability to move around so much gives such you a feeling of self confidence and freedom. I just opened up your Fisher Price pink purse and blocks in preparation of playtime while sitting up. I know we are on the verge of this milestone and I want to be ready. I have been propping you up on the boppy and against me so you can gain some strength and stability in your back. You love sitting up against Mommy and will play for hours like that if I let you.

I thank God every day for choosing me to be your Mommy. Every month gets easier and sweeter than the next. I am always telling Daddy that I want you to stay just how you are right now, and then a few weeks later, I love the next stage even more. Thank you for being my little girl.


  1. She is sooo adorable!! I LOVE those chubby legs!!

  2. Anonymous3:10 AM


  3. She's got legs just like my Gillian, love 'em! And kudos to you Karen for keeping up with the breastfeeding! That's impressive!

    I have some great birthday giveaways going on all week long, they'd be perfect for Jillian's one year coming soon!

    Happy 7, little one!

  4. Anonymous11:18 PM

    She is so cute! I wish our girls could meet! Maybe they will end up going to the same college hehe

  5. I love reading this! I know I'm a little behind but my little guy will be 7 months on Oct 4. I'm going to keep reading to see what's in store for us! The video with her clapping is just adorable!


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