Sunday, September 05, 2010

Home Made Baby Food

I don't know what got into me but I decided to try making Jillian some homemade baby food. I have always read that Avocado's are 'Nature's Baby Food', so I really wanted Jillian to give it a try. Avocado makes a great first food for baby due to its texture and creaminess as well as its high nutrient content. Avocados are often called one of nature's perfect foods because they are said to contain everything a person needs to survive. Avocado's are also a wonderful "good fat" food for baby's brain and physical development.

Here is what you do:

I bought a few Avocados at our local grocery store, however, one was plenty and will last you several feedings. When selecting an Avocado, you want a dark green color with bumpy texture. The fruit should be firm when gently pushed.

When an avocado is sliced in half, the flesh color should be a green that gently transforms into a buttery yellow around the pit.

Gently pry away the pit with a knife.

Slice one of the Avocado halves into thin slices.

Once the Avocado is sliced, it's easy to pull away peel with your fingers, or just slice it off with a knife.

Since Avocado's are so easily mashed, you won't need a food processor. Just place two slices of avocado into a small dish and start mashing with a fork.

To make the Avocado even creamier, I added one ounce of warmed breast milk.

And serve!


  1. I made all of Emerson's baby food and the avocado was her favorite!! I would just scope it out of the side though! She used to eat a whole half, piggy wiggy!!

  2. hi there! coming from the blog hop! jillian is so precious! what a cute smile! i may attempt to make baby food when my little one is old enough for it. happy sunday!

  3. I made all of my now 2 year olds food and just got the go ahead from the doctor to start our newest addition on baby food. I am so excited to start making baby food again!! And btw your lil girl is precious!! I'm now following you...Come meet my family at

  4. I love avocados! Here's a tip to make your food even quicker: rather than slicing, you can just scoop the fruit out of the peel with a spoon and then mash it right up.

  5. My son always makes funny faces, whenever I serve him avocado...he eats it though:) The avocado crop has been meager this year (as were the mango crop) thanks to a cold winter, but at least my five avocado trees from last summer are growing huge. I cannot wait to all that wonderful harvest they will one day produce.

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  6. I made a lot of Carys's baby food and she loved avocados too! Another favorite of hers was a mix of steamed green beans, peas and zucchini with a little mint. After steaming, I'd stick it in the blender and freeze in ice cube trays. I still make this because she really loves it and it's a good way to get her green veggies!

  7. Hi there I just read your bio. I too lost a baby a year ago, and still haven't brought myself to try again. After two years of trying then losing one it's hard. Your baby is so beautiful Congrats!! Cute blog too!! I am now a new follower!! Nicole @ Relax and Surf Sunday!!

  8. Great Blog :-)
    BTW I'm coming over from Shibley Smiles Relax and Surf Sunday Hop;following you on GFC now :-)
    maybe you can visit me over at

    Have a great Sunday Evening

  9. The smile at the end was worth it! Following you thru the sunday hops!

    Nana Poppins (Patty)

  10. Great that she loves all that healthy food! Good for her (and you)!


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