Friday, September 10, 2010

Pantry Raid with Katie!

Happy Friday everyone! I am so happy to be at home today with my little girl. It has been such a crazy work week and couldn't be happier that it is behind me! I actually had to work THREE (Gasp!) days in a row this week since we had off on Monday. So instead of being off on Tuesday and having a five day weekend, I had to come into work on Tuesday to close out the books for the month.

Today I am linking up with Katie over at Cleared for Takeoff. Not only is Katie one of my favorite bloggers, but she also designed my latest blog design. Today Katie is having a Pantry Raid and showing off her pantry. She is also inviting all of you to show off your pantry's! I haven't shown my pantry to the public eye ever since this post.

Let's be honest, my pantry doesn't look much better since then or is any more organized!!! I did add a few organizational pieces from The Container Store which does help alot but could certainly use some organizational help. One obvious difference from my last pantry post and this one is that my pantry now includes lots and lots of baby food!!! I couldn't be more happier about that. I am just so grateful for starting this blog four years ago. Looking back at my old posts during our infertility struggle is quite a humbling reminder of how far we have come. I couldn't be happier that my life now includes baby food and that my special angel is bouncing away in her jumperoo in front of me as I type this.

Back to the pantry...... As you can see, our pantry contains four shelves along with a lot of floor and ceiling space for big and tall items.

The Top Shelf

Since we have such tall ceilings in our home, the top shelf of our pantry is huge and also a little hard to get to. Here is where I store a lot of seasonal items and serving pieces that I only get out for entertaining.

The Second Shelf

This is the shelf where we store most of our boxed foods like pasta, cereal, fruit snacks, granola bars, etc.

The Third Shelf

We store our can goods and baby foods on this shelf. See the box of MumMums? I just read about these on Shannon's Blog over at Bless Our Nest. I decided to pick up a box at Target yesterday. I think Jillian is liking her new treat!!!

I picked up this can goods organizer on The Container Store's website. I would love to pick up one more because this thing can fill up pretty quickly.

I just went shopping at Target yesterday to stock up on Gerber's Baby food since Target is having their baby sale this week. I think Jillian is set on food for awhile!!!

The Fourth Shelf

This shelf is where we store all of our plastic baggies, garbage bags, aluminum foil, paper plates, napkins, plastic utensils and lunch bags for work. See my adorable new pink lunch bags with the K on it? I picked up this Summer at the Myrtle Beach Kirklands. Super cute.

I also ordered this organizer from The Container Store. It certainly keeps our bags and aluminum foil organized and from falling over.

The Floor

I try not to clutter up the floor too much but it is a nice extra area of storage to have. I store our distilled water, vinegar, olive oil and my Kitchen Aid Mixer all under there. It is also a great place for our coolers.

I hope you too will show off your pantry's!!! Please head over to Katie's Blog to link up to the party. Have a great weekend!!!


  1. This is a great idea I love seeing other's pantries! I am loving that can storage shelf. I may just take a pic of mine :)

  2. I love your blog design, Katie does mine too =)

    Thanks for sharing you pantry with us. My little girl loved the Mum-mums!!

  3. Love the Container Store! I also watched some twins that LOVED their mum-mums!

  4. I don't think I can join this raid! I have literally no pantry!

  5. I love all of the Container Store stuff...makes your pantry so nice & organized! And super cute "K" bag. Also loved your thoughts on seeing baby food in there now...I can so identify. Though we don't have baby food (yet), all the other baby gear is nice to finally have around. :)

  6. Do you not have a door!!?? I would die! You are keeping it very neat. Mine would be a huge mess.... well, it is, but it has a door!

  7. Your pantry is lookin' good! The organizational things you bought really help. I love seeing people's pantries so thank you for showing us! :)

  8. Looks great! She looks so cute eating her mum mum. :) I save Westin's for "special occasions" like when we are out or something and I need a few minutes of peace. haha


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