Monday, September 27, 2010

Trip to DC

Last weekend we traveled to Washington DC with my sister and her family. I have not been to DC since I was in middle school so I was really excited to have a chance to visit our Nation's capital again. Jeff and I really enjoy American History. We have gained an even bigger appreciation for it ever since we watched HBO's documentary on John Adams several years ago. While I was researching our trip, I was surprised at how close Cleveland was to Washington DC. The drive was only seven hours which included a one hour stop for lunch. So far this Summer we have made two 12 hour trips to both Myrtle Beach and Arkansas so 7 hours in the car seemed like a stroll in the park in comparison!!!

We left Friday morning and made the 7 hour drive out to the Baltimore/DC area. I ended up sitting in the back seat with Jillian and my 18 month old niece Nicole.

It made for an interesting drive but it was fun trying to entertain the two little ones. I was constantly passing back and forth toys, books, and puffs!!! The girls got along great! I was really excited that Jillian was able to spend some quality time with her cousin. Now that the girls are getting older, they are really starting to interact with one another more and more. It's so cute to watch them play together. Jillian loves to watch her cousin crawl around on the ground, I really think watching her all weekend motivated her to want to crawl too! I really think she is only weeks away from crawling.

We spent all day Saturday exploring Washington DC and all of the beautiful monuments located around the National Mall area. We decided to stop for lunch first to feed ourselves and the girls. We knew we had an exciting but long day ahead of us.

We then walked through all of the beautiful monuments. Each one equally as moving and as the next. It was so amazing to see so many people from so many countries taking in the beauty and history of our Nation's capital.

Our first stop was the Lincoln Memorial.

The view from the top of the Lincoln Memorial stairs was amazing. The Reflecting Pool shimmered with the Washington Monument in the background. Apparently this beautiful view also seemed to remind several people of the famous scene from the movie "Forrest Gump" because every now and then you would actually here someone call out "Jenny!". It was actually quite amusing.

We then made our way past the Vietnam Memorial. What an amazing experience. There were so many Vietnam veterans touching so many of their fallen friends names. There was also an individual who would walk around with a piece of paper rubbing the name of the fallen soldier with a black crayon for friend's and family.

I really like how you can see our reflection in the monument in this picture.

My sister and I posing at the Korean War Memorial. I don't think I have mentioned this yet on my blog yet, however, my beautiful sister is pregnant again although I am sure you can already tell! She is having another little girl in December, exactly one year after Jillian was born! This will be the fifth girl born on my side of the family in twenty one months so needless to say there is a lot of pink in my family!

I thought the World War II monument was breath taking! I loved the beautiful pool with all of the fountains. The pool was surrounded by 50 stone pillars representing each of the 50 States. We walked all around the monument just to find Ohio!!!

My sister and I in front of The White House. I was so excited we were able to get so close!

By the end of the day, we were spent! Our last stop was The Capital Building. My poor sister, she had to have been completely exhausted. She was a trooper though, I was so glad she stuck it out with us!


  1. Looks like a fun trip! I've never been, but would like to check it out someday. That's awesome that you and your sister will have girls so close in age - I'm sure they will have lots of fun growing up together!

  2. Wow, looks like y'all had fun and burned quite a few calories walking all over town! You and your sis are so cute and the babies, well that goes without saying! I have family that live just outside of DC but haven't been in a while! Looks like y'all had beautiful weather too! Oh and have you seen the new Carter's stuff for Fall/Winter? So adorable!

  3. I have to admit that I have never been to dc. it looks like u had so much fun. I may have to plan a small trip down there next year.

  4. Looks like y'all had a great time! I've never been to DC. How fun to have all those little girls in the family!

  5. I love the pictures. We were able to go this past June with our girls and had so much fun. A LOT of walking, but still fun.

  6. Yay, Nicole is going to be a big sister and Jillian a big cousin! EXCITING!

    What a nice weekend trip, I'd love to go to DC (never have been), hopefully in the near future.

    ALL the girls in your family are adorable :-)

  7. (wow, i'm waaaaay behind in posting this comment!) d.c. is like one of my favorite places EVER! every vacation i ask to go there. :) so much to do and see, and i'm just always amazed at the same things over and over and over. :)


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