Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Daddy's Girl

We took Jillian to her first ENT (Ears, Nose and Throat) appointment on Friday to see if she could determine the cause for all of her recurring ear infections. My sweet girl's ear infection had finally cleared up (for the moment) but we knew she still needed a specialist to take a look at her ears. After listening to Jeff and I explain Jillian's ear infection history, the doctor determined that Jillian needed tubes. Her diagnosis was based on the fact that she has had three ear infections in three months with her last infection lasting over six weeks and it took four antibiotics to clear it up. So our baby girl needs tubes. We have mixed feelings about the whole thing, happy that she will finally be pain free and be able sleep better at night, nervous because she has to have surgery and be administered an anesthetic.

Since Jillian's ear infection had cleared up (for the moment), she was in much better spirits on Saturday. While I was making a casserole for dinner, I noticed Jillian waving like crazy at Jeff out our back window. It was the most adorable thing ever, I had to grab our camera.

Jillian also stood up on her own this weekend. Jeff had her standing up by the coffee table and decided to see what would happen if he just let go. She just stood there for a few minutes all by herself! She is just getting so strong! I can't believe she is changing so much lately. I just love her sweet face.


  1. Oh my god- I love her!

  2. I too just love her sweet face.

    I'm sorry baby girl needs tubes, but hopefully it the end you will realize that you've made the best decision for her future health. Keep us posted!

  3. Our oldest had tubes, best thing that ever happened. It's incredibly scary when you leave them, but I swear by the time we got out to the waiting room, 10 mins if that they called us back because they were already done. Hasn't had an infection since!

    Yay for Jillian standing on her own!

  4. She is just so sweet. I know it's hard to see your child have anything done, but tubes can help so much. We've not experienced them but have had other ENT surgeries and the tube patients are in and out in less than an hour with happy babies...so I'm praying that Jillian is that way too.


  5. What a cutie...I can't believe how adorable she is in the video. As far as the ear thing goes, better to fix the problem now when she is never going to remember then when she is older. And it is so great that she is standing on her own. Be prepared though, once she starts walking, you will never sit again..LOL!

  6. That video is so cute! I love her 'crazy' wave!!

  7. Adorable! Gillian Grace is such a daddy's girl too...never cries when I leave the room, but look out if Bret leaves! Love how she's waving like crazy to him, so sweet!


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