Sunday, October 03, 2010

Jillian is 9 Months Old

My sweet Jilly, Mommy is a little tardy in writing up your nine month post but for good reason. I have been busy running you back and forth to the doctor and trying to catch up on sleep. Your ninth month can be affectionately called "The month of the ear infection" because you have been pretty much dealing with a double ear infection for over a month now. Remember the ear infection you had when you came down with Roseola? Well it's still here and now both your ears seem to be permanently infected. You are on your third antibiotic so far and nothing seems to be working. Sleeping has been hit or miss because you often wake up in the middle of the night crying in pain. Some nights you will go right back to sleep with a little rub of your back and your paci but other nights you will stay up for a few hours. When that happens, you will usually cuddle with Mommy in your chair or you will hang out in bed with Mommy and Daddy. We have had some long nights together recently! We go back to the doctor again on Tuesday for another follow up, our fourth appointment in a month, and I really hope she has some good news for us.

Taking your nine month pictures this month was tough! First, you wouldn't keep your head band on and then you kept trying to rip your sticker off and eat it. Plus, you kept trying to play with everything around you, the drapes, the seahorse, etc. Then I was afraid to even take the picture because I was afraid that the moment I looked away to take the picture, you would lean forward and fall out of the chair. I have a feeling these picture sessions are only going to get even more difficult.

Leaning dangerously forward and scaring the crap out of Mommy.

This picture just makes me laugh, what a face!

This month you have really started to move and groove all over the floor. You have gone from rolling everywhere to army crawling. You sit up like a champ now and can also sit up by yourself from a laying position. You have really changed so much lately. It's amazing to think that just over a month ago you were barely sitting at all. All we have to do is put a remote control or a cell phone in the middle of the floor and you will be after it in mock two seconds!

Mommy is still nursing you on occasion but my supply is so depleted, you are probably only getting two to three ounces at a time at best. I have decided not to wean you off until your ear infections are completely cleared up. This has been my secret weapon lately to get you back to sleep at night if all else fails when your ears are bothering you. Or maybe this is just an excuse for Mommy to prolong the inevitable of weaning you completely off, but for now, it's helping us get more sleep at night. Maybe next month we will finally be done!

You are still not the best napper but my method to trick you into napping still seems to be working. Since your ears are bothering you so much, I find that you are preferring to fall asleep on my chest lately for naps which is wonderful because I love this extra cuddle time lately. I am worried though that we are really starting to develop some bad sleeping habits. I guess we will deal with it in the future if it becomes an issue but for now, I will take advantage of our extra cuddle time. Napping at daycare is still pretty much nonexistent. Thank the Lord you only go to daycare two days a week. You only seem to be napping for them once a day for an hour. You are much too busy hanging out with the other babies and playing to be bothered with a nap. You come home absolutely exhausted and will typically pass out during the car ride home before we have barely pulled out of the parking lot. I will let you sleep for only an hour but will wake you up after that or else you will never fall asleep at night. I am trying so hard to keep you on a 8:30 bedtime routine but between your ear infections and inconsistent work week schedule, it's very challenging.

One of the cutest things that you have learned to do this month is to wave! It was the cutest thing! We were walking around Washington DC and all of a sudden you started waving to a little baby boy. It was so cute. Flirting already! At first you would just randomly wave, but now you will wave back when you are waved to. You waved goodbye to me for the first time last week when I dropped you off at daycare and it warmed my heart and broke it all at once. I thought it was so cute that you waved good bye but it made me realize that you are now old enough to know that I am leaving you at daycare for the day.

Last month you cut your first tooth and I mentioned that I thought another one was close behind. It turns out I was right, the second bottom tooth popped up two weeks later. You look precious with two little teeth sticking out from the bottom of your mouth. From all of our trips to the doctor this month, she has confirmed that your two top teeth are getting close to popping through too. Your nose has stopped running so I suspect once it starts up again, it will be a sign that your top teeth are on their way.

We just started you on Stage II foods and the transition seemed to be pretty seamless. I think you are starting to enjoy all of the new flavors of the Stage II foods. You absolutely love your Mum Mum banana rice biscuits and have learned how to eat them without taking too big of a bite and chocking yourself. I think we may have made some strides this weekend with the yogurt melts and puffs. You actually ate the little pieces I gave to you without protesting or making a face. If I am not mistaken, I may have a caught a look of enjoyment once or twice. I try to put the little pieces on your tray but you are not quite sure what to do with them. You will try picking them up with your fingers but do not quite understand that you need to put them in your mouth just yet. I find this unusual because you manage to stick everything else in your mouth that you shouldn't!

Jillian, you are finally in still in Carter's size nine month clothing even though you still can fit into a few of your 6 month outfits. The six month pants are way too short on you because it seems like you inherited your Mom's long legs. On warm days I still can squeeze you into your six month Summer outfits. I feel like your were in six month clothes forever which is a good thing because you have a TON of six month clothes. You have so few nine month clothes that I feel like I am shopping for Fall outfits for you constantly. Mommy also finally found that Target Circo pink coat for you! Four Target's later, I finally found it for you at the Mentor Target. I almost did a happy dance in the baby section I was so happy. You finally now have the most adorable pink Fall coat.

You are still in a size 3 diapers and I am loving the Target diapers. I have always loved Target wipes so I am happy that I am now able to pick up a package of diapers and wipes for you every time I visit Target, which is pretty much all of the time. At your doctor's appointment last week, you weighed 17 pounds, 8 ounces. You seem to be a little peanut compared to the other babies your age at daycare. Your friend Scarlett is only seven months old and she is 21 pounds! She looks like a giant next to you and you are two months older than her! You have your nine month appointment next week so I am curious to see what percentile you are in for your height and weight.

I realized this month that you needed some new toys. Now that you can sit up and move around, your toys just seemed too young for you. I went to Babies R Us last weekend and bought you the Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Table. You love it! We have it sitting on the ground without the legs and you will sit and play with it for hours. It's nice to finally have something else for you to play with besides constantly putting you in your jumperoo.

I also felt that you didn't have any stimulating toys to bring in the car with you. Just the newborn toys from your activity mat so I bought you the Fisher Price Little Jammin Band. It comes with three instruments and your favorite is definitely the piano.

You also love to sit on Mommy's lap and bang on my netbook keys so I also bought you your own laptop. You love to push the little buttons and also love to slam the lid shut.

You love all of your new toys and should be set now until your birthday and Christmas.

You still love to scream and babble and will make a high pitch scream just for me. I call it your "Mommy call". If you want to get my attention, you make this high pitch scream and I will typically answer you with the same high pitch tone. It's hilarious. It's our first form of conversation. Let's hope that you are getting your screaming at me out of your system and that it won't happen again when you are 16 and I won't let you go on a car date with a boy.

Thank you for another great month sweetie. I am praying so hard that your ear infections will finally go away. I am so worried that you are on the road to getting tubes in your ears and I really hope we don't have to go that route. The thought of you have surgery scares me to death. My love for you grows more and more every day. I am so thankful to God for choosing me to be your Mommy, what a precious gift you are.


  1. Happy 9 months, Jillian! I hope those ear infections clear up soon. Poor thing. And then hopefully you'll all be sleeping better!

  2. Happy 9 months! I hope she feels better soon. Ear infections are the worst!

  3. She is absolutely adorable!! She is looking really grown up though!! Hopefully, her ears will be better soon.

  4. Happy 9 Months!!!

    It's great that you found the coat! Yay!

  5. Happy 9 months!! What a beautiful little girl, so sweet! Love the pictures of her. =)

    I hope her ears feel better. Ear pain is no fun! ((Hugs)) ~Liz

  6. THat one photo looks like she is drunk on boobie juice:) Love it!

  7. Happy 9 months sweet Jillian - love your write up to her. And I hope that her ear infections get better - we went through ear infection hell as I like to call it with my oldest, can totally sympathize with her being miserable for a month or more.

  8. Such a sweet post! I feel sorry about those ear infections! YUCK! We have started colds over here and I know they will be every few weeks until march or April :-( I am going to have to try Target diapers soon! I just stocked up on some pampers w/ coupons and sales, but maybe soon! I was also going to tell you about those Baby Mum Mums when I read your last post about the foods, so I am glad you discovered them! -- neither of my kids liked those Yogurt Melts!! They are kind of tart, so I think it's the taste? I just let my 4 year old finish the bag this morning, lol! I'm done with those things :-) Take care! Can't belive our girls are so big already!! Crazy.

  9. Karen- Quinlin just got diagnosed with her first ear infection yesterday. I had to chuckle though as she doesnt turn 9 months until next week and will have her well-check then, but they put her on the scale and she came in at 20 lbs, 1 oz. Yikes!!! I look at Jillian and I think Quinny doesnt look that much bigger...oye! I build them solid!

  10. 2 things i forgot to mention in my novel of a comment, lol! 1, have you tried Similson Ear Ache relief drops? They are homeopathic (i think) and sold at Walgreens, etc. -- I keep them here, tho none of my kids have needed them and I used them once when I had ear pain and they really worked well!! 2, I know of 2 people who took their repeatedly ear infected babies to see a chiropractor and they were able to get healthy again and didn't get ear infections much again after... not sure if you're into that, but it might be worth a try!? ~Heather

  11. Hi Karen! I found your blog through Kelly's Korner! Your daughter is precious. I have a daughter that is about to turn 9 months and I love to read other blogs about other kids her age ;) Check out my blog if you have time


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