Saturday, November 06, 2010

Crying It Out: Night Two

After our very exhausting Night #1 of crying it out with Jillian, I was more determined than ever to keep this up. After being awake for over three hours on Night #1, I knew there were definitely some issues there. She was so used to getting up with me at night, that it was obviously that she would continue to do so even though her ears were fine. She definitely needed some parental intervention.

We repeated the exact same routine as we did for Night #1. I wanted to be sure that we were consistent with absolutely everything. Jeff and I both gave her a bath, however, it was Jeff's turn to give her the bottle and read her a book. We were alternating nights of putting Jillian to bed so she wouldn't think either parent was "the bad guy".

At 8:30pm, Jeff put Jillian to bed. The one difference I noticed right away is that there were no more tantrums. She cried a little in the beginning, however, her cries turned to just a lot of fussing and whimpering shortly after that. She still sat as close as she could to the door and pulled herself up into a kneeling position to watch the door of her room in hopes of one of us coming in to rescue her. You could see her trying to fall asleep against the crib pad again, she would try anything but to lay down. This girl could certainly fight sleep with the best of them! After a few more minutes, she was so tired that she eventually gave up and laid down. Her cries and fussing lasted only a total of twenty minutes tonight.
Jillian woke up around 1:30am that night, pretty much right on schedule. Jeff went into her room twice just to check in on her and to reassure her that everything was going to be OK. He didn't pick her up. We decided that I wasn't going to make any night time visits because we didn't want Jillian to think I was coming in to nurse her. The entire night awakening lasted for an hour and half. Listening to Jillian cry for that long was hard, however compared to the three hou awakening the nigt before, it was a lot easier to take. Especially being able to stay in bed and not have to continuously rock her for several hours. Of course the whole night was emotionally exhausting on both Jeff and I but we could already see the progress that we were making.


  1. Hooray! Bret used to have to go in to with a little reassurance so GG wouldn't think I was there to nurse either! So happy that things are going well! It is so worth all of it in the end! Your nights are about to become as restful as they can possibly get...keep it up and good luck!

  2. Glad to hear that the second night went better! Hopefully it continues to be an uphill battle and Jillian will soon be sleeping through the night! It will make for a much happier and more well-rested Mommy!

  3. Thank you so much for posting about this. We have already sort of visited 'crying it out', but we have had a big regression the past couple of weeks, and I think I am going to have to really go full in on this method.

    I appreciate hearing from other moms who hate doing it, but can see its benefits. It gives me hope.

    Glad the second night went better!

  4. Progress is great! Looking back, would you have started sleep training much earlier?

    I ask because my daughter is 5 months and is used to being rocked/walked around to sleep. And wakes up every morning at 4am like clockwork to be nursed....


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