Monday, November 08, 2010

Crying It Out: Nights 5 and Naptime

You know how much I hate blog posts without pictures so here is another picture of me and my sweet kitty on Halloween night. I am sure this is much more pleasant than more picture of her crying!!!!

Night #5 of our 'Crying It Out' week was by far the easiest. We put Jillian to bed promptly at 8:30pm after her bath, bottle, and book. She cried for around ten minutes and quickly went to sleep. She only watched the door for a few minutes that night and mostly just laid down after a few minutes of crying. I feel badly that she still continues to cry, even if it is only for a few minutes. I imagine one of thees nights she will no longer cry? My dream is for me to put her down one night and she just rolls over and goes to bed!!! Let's hope that is only a few days away.

Jillian briefly woke up that night around 5am and fussed a bit but never really had a full blown cry. To be honest, I barely remember it! I too am getting used to not waking up and getting out of bed at night so I am starting to sleep more through these brief night awakenings. I remember looking at the monitor just to see if she was OK and she must have quieted down shortly after that because I can not recall much else!!!! Things are going very well and Jeff and I are really starting to get some sleep this weekend! I also feel like Jillian is also much happier and a more rested child. One thing I have noticed is that she now wakes up around her normal 7:30am wake up time crying where she used to wake up happy. I think that she is probably now worried that we aren't going to come get her so now she cries when she wakes up for good. I am hoping she will figure it out that when it's time for her to get up, we will go in and get her.


We initially decided not to let Jillian 'Cry It Out' for nap time until we made some head way on her bedtime and night awakenings. I also didn't want to start 'Cry It Out' at nap time with daycare smack in the middle of it so we decided to hold off and try it on Friday which is my day off. This way she can be sleep trained for naps from Friday to Tuesday which is a total of five days of good solid nap training. Since Jeff was at work on Friday, I had to attempt this on my own. Jillian will typically be ready for a nap around 3-4 hours after she has been awake in the morning. I waited until I knew she was good and tired, I didn't want to lay her down for a nap if she wasn't some what sleepy. While she and I were playing together in our Great Room, Jillian put her head down on my lap for a few moments. It was so sweet and also a first with her. This child NEVER wants to show you that she is tired, she constantly fights it. So this sign of tiredness was a huge win for us. Perhaps sleep training is letting her know that it's OK to be tired??? Who knows, but I am really hoping so! I picked her up and walked her upstairs into her room. Again she put her head on my shoulder, wanting me to hold her like I normally would. My heart melted but I told myself I had to be strong. It was SO tempting just to sit down in her chair and cuddle with her until she fell asleep. After a few more minutes, I placed her down in her crib. She didn't even hit the mattress before she looked at me with the "why are you doing this to me?" look. She then started crying, one of those cries that is so deep that her face turned red, her mouth was wide open, but nothing came out. How horrible did I feel!!! But I had to be strong because this is the whole reason why she needs sleep training for naps. She acts like you are torturing her by just putting her down to sleep!!! We can no longer continue to play this game with her. So I left her room and went downstairs to wash the dishes. I was hoping by doing something productive would distract me a bit from her sobs. I put the monitor on the counter next to me and would periodically check on her. I was shocked to see that she was quiet and asleep after only ten minutes! I thought for sure I had a good thirty minutes of listening to her cry ahead of me. The sleep training at night certainly helped in getting her to sleep a lot quicker for nap time. She slept for a good two hours and woke up a happy girl. I put her down again the same way for her afternoon nap as well. More tears, more mean looks for Mommy, but again, she was asleep in ten minutes. What progress!! I no longer had to spend 30 minutes holding her to get her asleep for nap time.

This pretty much wraps up my series of posts on 'Crying It Out'. We are starting night #7 tonight and everything so far seems to be consistent behavior with night #5. I will probably periodically update you in combination with other posts but feel that we are on our way of having a good sleeper on our hands. I am sure it will take a few more days of her initially crying in protest of bedtime/nap time but I feel pretty good that she will grow out of this too. Please leave me a comment or send me an email if you ever have any sleep training questions, I would love to share our experience with you. Hope you all had a great weekend!


  1. You gave me the inspiration to try the CIO method with Randi. She is almost 15 months old and sleeps in our bed (yes, I know, terrible but it worked for us for a while). We tried the CIO again last night for the second time and it did not work so good. Randi was only in her room in her crib for 4 minutes and got so worked up that she threw up all over her crib and when I went in there to check on her she had puke in her hair and all down her side. I felt like a terrible mom. It was awful. We will try it again tonight though, I know it is what's best for her and let's face it, mom and dad need the sleep too. Thanks for your encouraging posts. I hope Randi will soon be getting the good sleep that little Jillian is. :)

  2. I am glad things are working out for you with CIO! It is so hard to listen to them cry but it seems like you guys are finally going to get the sleep that you need. Great progress!

  3. Awesome, Karen! Sounds like it is going and Jeff are doing an amazing job. Thanks, now I know to start this training around 6 months. It is so helpful to read about your journey!!! Good luck tonight!

  4. Yay for all three of y'all! And I'm so with you...every post needs at least a quick picture of our sweeties, after all it's why we started blogging in the first place, right? Jillian is adorable as always! Glad everything is going so well!

  5. I could've written this post myself a few months ago! We did the Ferber with my daughter when she was 5 months old (she's now 12 months) and it was the hardest yet best thing we've done for her. She sleeps great at night but naps are still tough. She cries for a few minutes every time we put her down for a nap, and it has been this way since Day 1. Our pediatrician said that some babies cry out in order to release any energy before they can fall asleep. Hearing that made us feel better about hearing her cries at naptime.

  6. Got your comment on my blog. Thanks for the encouraging words!


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