Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Home Tour Tuesday and Then Some!

I don't know about you, but my mind seems to be going in eighteen million different directions. Tis the season to be crazy, right? I do love this time of year and so thankful to be able to celebrate Jillian's technically second Christmas and upcoming first birthday with her. I just want everything to be perfect and I already feel like I am running out of time. I think I am trying to make up for two Christmas's at once this year since I was pregnant last year and was due on December 24th. Everything last year was about the birth of our baby so I finally feel like this year I can let my hair down and go nuts!

This past week was a total whirlwind for our family. My brother was in town this week from Arkansas with his wife and the twins so we literally crammed in every family activity that we could think of to make the most of their visit to Cleveland. I hosted a Sprinkle for my sister last Saturday, family portrait day was on Tuesday, had Thanksgiving dinner at my parents house on Thursday, and attended the twins Baptism in Youngstown this past Saturday. Crazy times but certainly fun times. I can only imagine how my brother and sister in law felt carting two six month twin girls around town all week after a twelve hour trek across the country from Arkansas!!!!

I decided on Saturday night that I needed some serious down time after all of the madness. After putting Jillian to bed that night, I decided to take a long, relaxing bubble bath here:

I opened up a bottle of wine, lit some candles, and logged into my Pandora Christmas music station on my netbook. It was heaven and just what I needed to reset.

Coincidentally, Shannon over at Webbisodes is hosting her Tuesday Home Tour and it's all about where you go to relax in your home. I immediately thought of my awesome Saturday night relaxing away in the garden tub in our master bath and at this moment can't quite think of anything more relaxing then that!!!! I hope you too will head on over to Shannon's blog and post about where your most relaxing place is in your home. And especially this time of year, we all need a spot in our home to unwind and relax!

Just a reminder that there is still time to sign up for the ornament exchange!!! I have been so excited by the turnout so far and can't wait to see how it all turns out! Thank you so much for everyone who has signed up, I have received your emails and can't wait to reveal your partners. Sign up will continue through Wednesday, December 1st at 9 p.m. EST and Ornament Exchange partners will be revealed on Friday, December 3rd on my blog (Karen At Home), as well as Shannon's blog (Webbisodes). Please email me at jandkontalbot@yahoo.com to sign up!

I also wanted to mention that on Monday I began Stage I of the South Beach Diet and have already lost a pound!!! I plan on drafting up a separate post about my experience with the South Beach Diet and hopefully my success with it. I know we all can use some extra motivation around this time of year when everything around you seems to be mixed with peppermint and dipped in chocolate!!!!


  1. Love that bathtub!!

  2. it sounds like things have been crazy!!!
    ps- I dropped off your blog list on the side. Boo. :(

  3. Girl, your home is beautiful! Good for you for South Beach and at this time of year...bravo! But I must say...where is the weight you're trying to lose? You're tiny woman! Thanks for linking up and the reminder to everyone about our exchange! It's gonna be fun! Hope J is feeling okay after those yucky shots! Talk to you in a bit!

  4. SOOOO jealous of your tub and master bath!!!

  5. Anonymous6:10 PM

    What a busy week! You deserve that relaxation! Love your bathroom!

  6. Ah, that bathtub. I was reading your post and then yelled to my husband "Our next house IS GOING to have a large soaking bathtub!!" I could really use a hot relaxing bath right about now!

  7. I tihnk I need a bubble bath after reading about your weekend...LOL! I feel the same way this time of year. I think we all do. Crazy but fun times :) I love your bathroom, it looks huge. I am sure it must be relaxing with some candles and music :)

  8. LOL....we were on the same page on this post today!!


    Thanks for playing along with Shannon and I.

    Join me tomorrow {its already up actually} for {semi} wordless wednesday!!

    Hope your night is great:)

  9. I would have to agree - my master bath tub too is also my peaceful place :)

  10. Ahhh, that sounds like an amazing Saturday night! I think I need one of those. We travelled to my parents' house in Oregon for Thanksgiving, but I can relate on being exhausted from all the family activities!

  11. I love the S Beach diet! I actually have been on it since last April. I lost 15 pounds on it! Once I got back to my pre-prego weight I went on it, and I still do Phase 2/3 now. I am still trying to lose more, but I have sort of reached a plateau... We will have to exchange snacking and meal ideas :-) Good Luck! The first 2 weeks are the absolute hardest!! But it's very true what they say about carb cravings -- they will be gone after those 2 weeks!! And I thought it would be impossible for me :-)

  12. Thanks for stopping by!!

    Reading your post makes me tired!! I don't know how you were able to do all that, but the bubble bath sounds like a great way to finish it off! :)

    I'm in on the Ornament Exchange! Great idea :)

  13. I've been taking so many baths lately, it's so nice to soak in warm hot water now that the weather is cold.


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