Thursday, November 18, 2010

Jillian is Ten Months Old!

My sweet Jillian, you are no where close to being just ten months old anymore but this is the first time in weeks I have been able to sit you down for a photo shoot and blog about it. You are actually turning 11 months this weekend! Good Lord, where did this month go? It seems a few hospital visits, ear infections, so many sleepless nights I lost count, surgeries, etc, delayed me a bit! We are finally, finally, finally back on track and needed to take a moment to write down what you has been doing this past month before time passes us by any quicker!!!

You are now a seasoned crawler. You have been doing this for a weeks now, I believe just a few days after I wrote up your nine month post. You had been army crawling then and easily transitioned into a regular crawler a week or two after that. You crawls everywhere! You also follow me all over the house now which I love. You even follows me into the bathroom which I am not really loving but I will let it go since you are so stinkin' cute! I love how you now callsfor me when you can't find me. If I am in the laundry room which is off of our great room, you will start calling for me with these short pitched "Ah's!" I will answer you back with the same "Ah!" and then once you get an idea to where I am, I will then call for you to come find me. A few minutes later I here you trampling into the laundry room with a huge smile on your face! It's so cute!!!

You are also Mommy's little helper in the kitchen too. You have so many toys, but if I am doing dishes or preparing a meal, you will follow after me and hang out right beside me. Usually trying to open the nearest cabinet to play in. Because of your active crawling and new interest in all of the items in my kitchen, baby proofing our home has officially begun. We have bought outlet covers and a few cabinet latches so far. Baby gates will be our next baby proofing endeavor. Another thing that we found is that our door stops now look like this:

You seems to have an obsession for door stops. At first you were afraid of them. You tried playing with one and was a bit taken aback at first from the loud twang that it made. You got used to it pretty quickly and then felt the need to twang all of the door stops. At first I thought it was pretty cute and something fun for you to play with until I found one of the white little plastic door stop covers almost in your mouth!! You had pulled the end off of the doorstop in our bedroom and were two seconds from snacking on it. So no more doorstops in our house for awhile!!!!

Jillian is also pulling herself up onto everything but only with her knees. You first started doing this the night of Cry It Out #1 and now will pull herself up onto the coffee table, the end tables, and the bathtub. We will place her in a standing position along the couch and coffee table and you feels pretty sturdy standing there for a few minutes. I am sure that milestone is only a few weeks away.

Jillian, you are still in Carter's size nine month clothing and don't seem to be growing out of this size any time soon. You do however fit into size 9 and 12 months sleepers because you are so tall. You are still in a size 3 diapers and I am still loving the Target diapers. When you were in the hospital a few weeks ago, you weighed 17 pounds, 8 ounces. You hadn't gained anything since your nine month visit, you had lost weight from being so sick. Hopefully you are back on track and gaining some weight back.

Look at those long legs! I think it's safe to say you are going to have long legs and be tall like your Mommy.

Your eye lashes are so beautiful!! You receive more compliments from strangers on your eye lashes than anything else.

Mommy has been trying to mix in a few adult foods along with your baby food. You still eat Stage II foods for breakfast and lunch, however, I just recently started feeding you Gerber Stage III foods for dinner. The Stage III foods have meat and chunky vegetables in which is great practice for you to eat adult foods. As far as adult foods go, you have tried Nana and Papa's homemade pasta, Kraft Macaroni and cheese, grilled cheese sandwiches, chicken noodle soup, Tyson chicken nuggets, green beans, apples and bananas. Your favorite snack of regular food is shredded cheddar cheese. All I have to do is get the bag out from the refrigerator and you start flapping your arms a mile a minute. You also love yogurt melts and puffs now and are a champ at picking them up with your fingers and putting them in your mouth. I still break them up into little pieces, larger ones still seem to make you choke a bit. You just can't get enough of them though, you could probably eat a full meal on yogurt melts alone if I let you.

Mommy and Daddy have spent some long and trying hours this month getting up with you at night but what an amazing sleeper you are now that we are done with our sleep training!!! You go to sleep every night by 8:30pm, sometimes even earlier if you are really tired, and you sleep until around 7am. I no longer dread bedtime. Mommy and Daddy no longer take turns at night seeing who can get you to sleep the fastest. It's been a wonderful transition and life is just so much easier for everyone, especially you. As we I type this, I just put you down for a nap. You are fussing just a bit in your crib but you are laying down and trying to fall asleep on your own. I can confidently say that I am sure you will be sound asleep in a few minutes and will probably nap for at least an hour. Daycare naps are another story but we are hopeful that with better naps at home will lead to better naps at daycare!!!!

We put your bumpers in your crib for the first time this month and you really seem to like them. At first, they scared the crap out of us and we were constantly checking on you since you love to lay your head on them. I know the SIDS danger is so small right now for ten months, but it was still a big step for us to put them back in your crib. We decided to do it when we started sleep training because we thought it would be one way to keep those paci's from rolling out of your crib!!! There was nothing worse than hearing that paci hit the floor every night and then you crying for it.

Jillian, Mommy finally stopped nursing you last week and it was one of the hardest things I had to do. I honestly never thought I would have so much trouble with it. It seemed to signify that you were no longer a baby. Every time I thought about it, I would get upset. I finally had to just set a date and do it. When the last time to nurse you came, I wasn't as upset about it as I thought I would be. I thought there would be lots of tears and hugs but I got through it. I guess I was finally ready too. You have done so well with the transition. I was worried that it would upset you too which was one of the reasons that I delayed it for so long. Every now and then when you are tired you put your head towards my chest but then you quickly forget about it as soon as I give you your paci.

You still only have two bottom teeth but I feel like you have been teething for months now. Your doctor claims that most of your ear infections have been due to teething, however, I do not see any new teeth wanting to pop through yet. You are not saying any words just yet, however, when you are upset and crying you do say "Ma ma ma". Not quite sure if you know what this means, but I will take it as a sign that you want your Mommy! You also seem to be trying to say Papa every now and then too to you Papa's delight.

Jillian's favorite toys are her Snoozer bear, mini Elmo doll, blocks, Fisher Price musical keys, the Fisher Price Laugh and Learn table (without the legs) and your Vtech laptop. Your favorite book at bedtime is The Ten Little Ladybugs. You love to run your fingers along the little plastic lady bugs every time we read it to you.

My sweet girl.

Thank you for another great month sweetie. I am so happy that your ear infections have cleared up and that you are finally sleeping much better. I wrote in your last monthly post that I was worried about you getting ear tubes. Now that you have them and it's all behind us, it's such a huge relief for all of us. My love for you grows more and more every day. I am so thankful to God for choosing me to be your Mommy, what a precious gift you are.


  1. What a big girl! She is doing all the same things Logan is. Amazing how quickly they learn a new thing. Our door stops look about the same. Logan loved the little white pieces! lol And I am so glad the sleep training worked!

  2. Anonymous7:47 AM

    Aw, cutie! She does have pretty eyelashes!

  3. Happy 10/11 months Jillian!!!!! And my door stops look the same way with Hannah.... Too funny!

  4. She has beautiful eyes!!!

  5. why did I think she was 11 months old? Quinlin just turned 10 months last week... Isnt Jillian older? I'm so confused. LOL.

  6. haha- just re-read more carefully. :)

  7. Oh her eyelashes are so long and pretty!!! She is a cutie pie for sure...I think it is so cute that she calls for you...and it is so fun when they crawl around looking for us mommies :)

    Have a great Thursday!

  8. Happy 10 months! I was just going to say look at those eyelashes and big brown eyes! So sweet! GG loves door stops too, what is it about our silly girls?! Have a good one, K!

  9. Wow, she really does have beautiful, long eyelashes.

    Your sleep training experience sounded very similar to ours. Isn't it wonderful now? I too dreaded bedtime, b/c we always had to rock my son to sleep. It took forever some nights.

  10. I love her onesie! The time passes by so quickly - enjoy her!!!

  11. Just found your blog and wanted to say hi! Your little girl is just adorable! And I was reading a few older posts on your sleep training experiences - we are going through that this week - but only trying to break our 8 month old son from being swaddled...the first night was pretty rough....but has definitely improved the last couple nights - yay!

    oh - and you have a beautiful house!

    Kristen :)

  12. You have an adorable, sweet girl. So fun to meet you! Thanks bunches for the sweet comments on my blog. Shannon is great!! ;)

  13. Karen she is gorgeous! Love those amazing lashes. What a beauty! :)


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