Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Cold Streets of Cleveland

I saw this story on Cleveland's Own Fox 8 news this week regarding the homeless problem here in Cleveland. It is especially heart breaking to watch as I sit in my beautiful home, blessed with both heat and electricity. It really makes you thankful for the little things in life and just how blessed we really are this holiday season. I am reminded that the holidays are more than just shopping for the perfect gift, but a reminder to help out your fellow neighbor, co-worker, and family members.

You can also see from the video how much snow Cleveland received this week!!!


  1. I enjoy reading your blog. We too are in Northeast Ohio and often think about the homeless population. Thank you for bringing awareness.

  2. Karen, this just breaks my heart! We are so blessed, it's hard to see others less fortunate!

  3. I saw this too! I was surprised so many refused the place to sleep and stayed on the street.

    Hello from Medina County!


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