Thursday, January 20, 2011

Jillian is 12 months old

It's so hard to believe as I write this that my baby girl is 12 months old!  I have a one year old! It's so surreal to believe sometimes.  For years and years I prayed to God to even be pregnant and now my daughter is one years old. A toddler even!!!! It has been such a fun and challenging year for me adjustING to motherhood.  It was a lot harder than I had ever imagined, but I would never change it for anything.

This was our last picture session with the monthly onesie stickers from Picky Sticky. I am so glad that I ordered these!!! Certainly one of my most favorite baby items that I had purchased.  I am not quite sure how I will handle the next coming months when it comes to our monthly photo shoots.  Having her sit in the chair in her room is definitely out. She almost fell out of that thing so many times during our photo shoot that I almost dropped my camera just to catch her. Perhaps this will challenge me now to get creative with her outfits and change up the picture locale a bit.

Jillian is still a great sleeper although every now and then we will encounter a few nights where she will wake up at night for no apparent reason. I really wish they could tell you what was wrong, especially in the middle of the night!!! I try everything to make her happy.  Change her diaper, offer her a drink of water in the sippy cup, make sure she isn't running a fever or has any ear drainage.  After an hour of crying, I am finally able to go back to bed still completely confused as to why she woke up in the first place. Fortunately these kinds of evenings are very far and few between. Our bedtime routine has been very consistent lately too. We head up to bed around 7:45pm and give Jillian a bath. Around 8:15pm she gets a 2 oz bottle although she never really drinks much of it. We are just about done with our bedtime bottles which is nice.  After the bottle, we read a book, and then we place her in her crib by 8:30pm.  On occasion, she will sometimes even whine and reach for her crib as if she WANTS to go to sleep!  We are trying to get in the habit of calling our bedtime routine "Night Night Time". We think she gets it because there are nights when we tell her it's "Night Night Time" and she starts fussing and whining because she is not ready for bed yet.  Jillian is always awake now when we place her down. Who would have ever thought!!!  To this day I still singing the praises of letting her cry it out.  She is such a different sleeper now.  She really did need our help.  We always make sure we have three pacifiers waiting for her in her crib. One for her mouth and two for her to hold. What can we say, she is a paci girl.  I am just dreading the day that we eventually have to wean her from the paci considering now she needs some to hold and suck on!!!!  On occasion, Jillian has learned that if she throws all of her paci's out of her crib, Mommy or Daddy will come in to her room and get them for her. She has tried to do that a few times with us. It got to a point where we had to let her cry a bit and go to sleep without her paci's.  That was after a night we must had gone into her room on four separate occasions to retrieve her paci's. We would leave the room and watch her from the monitor throw her paci's out of her crib again and again and then stare at the door and cry. Hopefully she won't try that too often or weaning her off the paci's might come sooner than we thought.  Jillian has been waking up at 8am lately which has also been wonderful.  Let's hope that becomes the norm!  On Wednesday and Thursdays, we have to wake her up around 6:30am for daycare.  Poor thing, breaks my heart every time, thankfully it is only 2 days a week.

Jillian has four teeth now, two on the top, and two on the bottom. At her 12 month appointment this week, her doctor mentioned that she has four more teeth coming in on each side of her existing teeth. So lots of fun times ahead of us!!! I have noticed that lately Jillian is really learning to use the four teeth that she has. I no longer have to break up yogurt melts, goldfish crackers or puffs for her to eat. She chews them into small pieces herself and I have no worries about her choking on them.

Jillian is still a very picky eater! We have had a lot challenges in this area and it's become a person goal of mine to try to get her to successfully eat more table food. I am not 100% certain but it seems like the stomach flu she had back in December really contributed to a lot of her pickiness. It seemed like that was the turning point with her and things have not gotten any better. She refuses to eat any kind of pasta or vegetable. She will eat her baby food veggies just fine so it's not a taste issue, it's the texture. I used to just give up and open up a tub of baby food so she could at least get some veggies in her. No more! I have gotten smart and decided to try coating everything in applesauce. It seems to actually be working. She now eats macaroni and cheese, broccoli, and carrots, although they are soaked in applesauce. At least she is now getting more nourishment and calories and I am no longer giving up and just giving her baby food. Every now and then I can sneak a piece of mac in cheese in her without any applesauce so some progress is being made with this method. Jillian's favorite meal is either grilled cheese or chicken nuggets. She also loves eating pancakes, waffles, and Pillsbury cinnamon rolls for breakfast. She loves her breads, that is for sure!!! Jillian still hums all the time when she eats, it's so adorable. It's one of my most favorite noises that she makes. I love to just sit and listen to her enjoy a meal. She sounds truly happy.

Jillian is still only saying Momma although she seems to understand mostly everything that we tell her. She loves to wave at EVERYTHING. She waves at her toys, her stuffed animals, even the balloons from her birthday party. We can never enter a room without her waving at everything.  It's hilarious. She is also starting to understand when someone is leaving the house. She recognizes that when Jeff puts his coat on in the morning, he is leaving for work, and she starts to fuss a bit. Jillian is still experiencing a bit of separation anxiety when we drop her off to daycare in the mornings. I think it has a lot to do with it is the new room that she is in. I don't think she dislikes it, she just hasn't gotten used to it yet. If I arrive to daycare early enough in the morning, I have to drop her off in her old room and she doesn't make a peep. She is as happy as can be to go to her old teachers. Hopefully she will get used the change soon.

Jillian started playing peek-a-boo on Christmas Eve.  It was so cute, I don't even know where she picked it up from because we hadn't even tried it with her yet. We put her in her carseat to head home that night and she took the blanket that was draped across her lap, lifted it over head, then brought it down very quickly and smiled. It was so cute. So after a few more times we realized what she was doing and that is how peek-a-boo with Jillian began!!!!

Jillian isn't walking yet but she furniture walks and loves using her new walker. She gets the cutest look on her face as she is pushing her walker around the house. You can tell that she knows what she is doing is a big deal. It's adorable! Speaking of toys, our house has shrunk considerably since Christmas and her Birthday. Jillian is so lucky to have so many generous people in her life.  She has so many toys, it's hard to know what to do with them all. I have tried to divide them up into three areas of our house and plan on rotating them from the different rooms to create some kind of variety. I have toys right now in the great room, the den, and her bedroom. She is one lucky little girl!!!! Her favorite toys right now are the Playskool Ball Popper, Fisher Price Kitchen and Little People. She also loves the Fisher Price plastic rings we bought her and loves to hold them in her hands and crawl all over the house with them. She also loves to toss them and then crawl to retrieve them. Jillian is such a strong crawler and is constantly following me all around the house. She especially loves to follow me into the laundry room even though the wash machine sometimes scares her. She also loves to crawl up to you and butt her head against our leg. This means that she wants you to pick her up. Jeff and I joke that all of our pant legs have "boog" marks on them from Jillian constantly head butting our pants legs.  It's super cute, even the boog marks!

Jillian's 12 Month Stats:

Weight: 18 pounds even.  She is only in the 5th percentile in weight. This is starting to concern us and the doctor too. I am sure a lot of it has to do with her being such a picky eater. Hopefully with my new "applesauce with everything" method will turn her around and she will start gaining weight. I have also been recently trying to transition her to milk by putting some in her bottle with the formula, however, the doctor said she wants her to stay on formula for another month since it should help her gain more weight.  So another month of bottles and formula.  She is such a little peanut!!!!! We have an appointment to go back to the doctor for a weight check in a month. Her head is 17 3/4 inches (50th percentile).

Clothing: Jillian is still in 9 month Carter's clothes although she is starting to grow out of them. Her 9 month pajamas are pretty much done, she is only wearing 12 month jammies now.  It feels like she has been in nine month clothes forever.

Height: is 29 inches (25th percentile).

Favorite Toys: Fisher Price Rings, Playskool Ball Popper, Fisher Price Kitchen, Fisher Price Laugh and Learn table, and Little People sets.

Favorite Book: The Ten Little Ladybugs

Favorite Past Time: Bath time

Communication: Waving hello and good bye to everything, says "Ah!", says "Mama", giggle and laughs.

Bedtime: 8:30pm

It's been an amazing year with my sweet girl.  As much as I want her to stay the little baby that she is, I am really looking forward to seeing her walk and grow into the role of an active toddler.  She is such a blessing to us, we praise God every day for allowing us to be her parents. 


  1. Jillian is so adorable! It looks like she's getting a cute little personality!!

  2. Awwww. Happy Birthday Jillian! That was such a sweet post. Enjoy this year. Between 12 and 18 months is the hardest part for me, but it is also so exciting to watch how quickly they learn things. You'll be amazed at how much she develops over the next year. Have fun!

  3. Anonymous10:18 PM

    She is beautiful with her dark eyes and dark hair! What a cutie!

  4. She is so pretty & has LONG eyelashes! Jarrett's 1 year check-up was last Friday. He weighed 23 lbs. & was 31 inches long. Where has my tiny baby gone? :(

  5. I love her little button nose :)

    And that's ellie's fav book too! She is obsessed with it!

  6. Awww, GG's bedtime is 8:30 too! I'm laughing as I read this because of all the similarities!

    Jillian is adorable and I'm with Katie, her nose is sooo cute!

    Okay we don't have 10 Little Ladybugs, but I might just have to go in search of it now!

    Happy 12 months, J and Karen! And the picky eater thing...GG is the same way! She's getting better though so there is HOPE!


  7. Ooooh and almost forgot...those eyelashes! Lawdy be...gorgeous!

  8. Happy 12 months, Jillian!

    I think she is looking more and more like you as she gets older! Asher is a very picky eater too and, like Jillian, it's completely a texture thing. I'm totally going to try that applesauce trick - thanks!

  9. WOW....she is growing....such milestones. It's sad how fast they grow up :(

    I agree, I want her eyelashes!

    Have a great day Karen!

  10. She is such a sweetheart and growing so fast!! :o) You are very blessed!

  11. Happy birthday, Jillian! Can you believe it? That first year goes by so quickly. It's such a blur to me now. Thank goodness for blogging and lots of pictures to document everything!

    Jillian sounds SO much like Camden at 12 months-- 4 teeth, saying only "Momma", and in the fifth %ile for weight. I found that each month after 12 months, he seemed to understand so much more and attempt to say a lot more. I swear they get more fun with each passing month.

  12. wow! it flies by, doesn't it?
    i love the second picture of her with her big ole smile - precious! i think she is starting to look a lot like you! :)
    hopefully the weight issue is not something to worry about, maybe she'll just be a petite and dainty little girl ;) libbi is a really picky eater, too (although you probably couldn't tell by looking at her - ha!) it definitely makes mealtime more challenging!

  13. I love her! It's funny though- at Quinlin's 12 month check, 29 inches was the 50%...I wonder if my daughter is only 25% which means she is short- and fat. Ha! Have a great weekend- we need to plan another little playdate! scratch that- shopping date!

  14. Happy Birthday, Jillian!!! Karen - she is beautiful!!! She looks so much older now, like a real kid!! Lover her hair coming in, it is so cute!!! I can not believe that a whole year has gone by. I am so so happy for you guys:)

  15. so cute I am a new follower, feel free to follow back

  16. Happy Birthday Jillian! You are a gorgeous baby girl.

    PS Karen my nephew Grayson is 15 months and only weighs 20 pounds. He is a bitty boy with a picky appetite. My sister is a tall slender person like you. Don't worry. :)


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