Thursday, February 17, 2011

Home Decor Quick Tips

Have you ever wanted to update the look of a room but didn't know where to start, have a lot of time,  or have a big budget to do so?  I know I have!!   In just a few easy steps, you can transform the look and feel of any room.

I had so much fun planning Jillian's first birthday party.  I worked my tail off planning all of the food, decor, cake, and of course, the poms!!!  However, there were a couple of unfinished to-do's that were still nagging at me through out the whole party planning process.  The Kitchen drapes and the Great Room lamps.  What I had was adequate, but I knew what I really wanted was oh, so much better.  So amidst all of the party planning, I really needed to tackle these two items.  I was having a house full of people and I wanted everything to be just right.  I am sure no one would probably have noticed these unfinished projects.  But nevertheless, they were quick updates that needed to be done and what better time to update than at a time when you are going to have a party?

Here are a couple of quick tips that you can do anytime to really give your home an inexpensive and updated look.

{Swap Out Your Window Treatments}

I typically like to buy window treatments that are reasonably priced.  Simply because changing your window treatments are one of the most easiest ways to update a room.   I often get bored easy with what I have so by changing out those $30 Target window treatments from two seasons ago will not give Jeff a heart attack!!!

Coordinating window treatments for both the great room and the kitchen were one of my biggest challenges when it comes to decorating our new home.  We have a very open floor plan and we basically have one big wall of windows in the back of our house.  I wanted to try to create some separation with the two rooms but knew that they had to some how compliment each other too.  I was not completely satisfied with what I had so back to the store I went. 



I originally had the red panels on the kitchen slider windows and solid brown panels on the great room windows.  I didn't like how the red blended too much with the cherry cabinets.  There was just too much red going on!  I decided to buy the same style of window treatments as the red one, however, in a gold and brown color.  Both window treatments are from Bed, Bath, and Beyond and share the same color brown band on the bottom.  I swapped out the red and brown panels for gold and brown panels.  I then moved the red panels to the great room windows and will probably move the brown panels to our den. 

I eventually plan on purchasing three more of the red panels to place in between each of the great room windows.

{Swap Out Your Lamp Shades}

We currently are using Jeff's six year old Target iron lamps in our Great Room.  I would love to buy new lamps right now for The Great Room, however, I have a very active toddler now crawling around that would love to get her hands on them!!  So I decided to buy new lamp shades instead! 

Here is what the lamps looked like before.  See the old, brittle, and yellowing lamp shade?  Not to mention...dated!

Here is what they look like new with new $15 drum lamp shades from Target.

I love the newly updated looks in our home.  It certainly makes a difference and they are quick updates that you can do in your home!!  Thanks for stopping by today!!!  

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  1. Everything looks great! I love these ideas. Your hardwood floors are beautiful

    I also sometimes just move things from room to room, lol. I just can't leave good enough alone:)

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Great ideas Karen! I really like the new lampshades!

  3. Oh it looks great and I love those curtains girl!

  4. I really like those drapes...very pretty! And what a great idea to use the same style in different colors.
    The drum shades are a nice update too.

  5. What a difference a few changes can make, huh? I love the new drapes, especially the gold with the chocolate on bottom - GORGEOUS! The new drum shades are gorgeous too! Love them!

  6. The window treatments are really pretty. I wish I could switch mine out but my windows are really tall & I've never been able to find something long enough that I love. I went with custom ones that I love. I really love those drum shades!!! Have a great weekend!

  7. Quick and easy but sometimes the little thing can make the biggest difference!

  8. The new lampshades really made a big difference! Looks great. :) Those little changes really do add up!

    Thanks for joining my Weekend Bloggy Reading party. :)

  9. looks like a totally different lamp-great change!

    i have the same problem as you-my great room windows are on the same wall as my kitchen windows with no wall in between-great idea for curtains.

  10. New curtains and a new lampshade really do make a huge difference.

  11. Very nice idea! Your blog is a creative hub!



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