Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Home Tour Tuesday - Whatcha Watchin

Shannon and Daphne are hosting this weeks Home Tour Tuesday. This week's post is all about what you are watching on TV and where are you watching it!!! Every since Jillian became mobile, I just haven't been able to sit down and watch TV like I used to. I do, however, make time for my absolute favorite show/guilty pleasure, The Bachelor! I have been watching this show literally since the first episode aired ten years ago. Can anyone remember the very first Bachelor ever??? Alex Michael!!

What did you think of last nights episode?  I honestly think that Brad is completely smitten over Emily and the producers are having a hard time hiding it much longer.   I mean, it wouldn't be the most dramatic rose ceremony ever if we knew his choice ahead of time!  I did hear there are a few spoilers floating around the internets so please do not share them!!!!  I want to wait until the very end to find out.   Trust me, it's been tempting to check out Reality Steve's website but I am remaining strong!!!

I am also a major HGTV addict. If I am not able to at least sit down and watch it, it's always running in the background. Do you believe that I actually DVR 'House Hunters', 'Get It Sold' and 'Real Estate Intervention?' It seems like I can never get enough of Sabrina Soto's awesome decorating staging tips.

A few other shows you will find on our DVR are: Two and a Half Men, How I Met Your Mother, 90210, Big Bang Theory, The Office, and Desperate Housewives.

And here is where all of the magic takes place.

A view of our snowy backyard. 

My Pottery barn knock off mirror which I love.  I have been debating on hanging sconces on either side of it.  Thoughts?

Thanks for stopping by.  Be sure to stop by Shannon and Daphne's blogs to check out more Home Tour Tuesday posts.


  1. Love the windows!!! We watch a lot of the same shows. Love Big Bang, How I Met Your Mother & Two and a Half Men.

  2. Love Love Big Bang Theory! Can't get much funnier than Sheldon in my book.

    You have a beautiful home!!

  3. Love your curtains and the window/mirror on your wall! Did you make that? So neat!

    I am a Bachelor fan, surprise surprise! I too think his final choice will be Emily, but also kinda like Chantal! Could you believe her parents' home last night? Holy moly! I wonder what they do for a living, amazing!

    Thanks for linking up, Karen!

    Happy Tuesday!

  4. your living room looks so cozy!!
    i love desperate housewives and how i met your mother!

  5. Anonymous6:37 PM

    I always have HGTV on in the background too! Your wall of windows and the view out them are gorgeous!

  6. Were they ever able to hide it? I'm pretty sure he's loved Emily since the 2nd week. Kinda obvious, I think they DID hide her feelings though until last night! Emily it is and Shawntel as new Bachelorette??

  7. Kind of random, but I love how you have all of the trees in your back yard! Looks so cozy!

  8. Great room and great choices in tv shows....swhen you have time to watch...LOL! I think sconces next to the mirror would look great :)

  9. I wish we had a fireplace AND a room like this! It looks nice and comfy!!

  10. haha- I have watched the Bachelor as well since the beginning. Looking back now, Alex was such a tool too... I wonder what ever happened to him?

  11. Karen I watch all of those HGTV shows too. I think I've watched House Hunters for at least 10 years. Love it!

  12. I just found your blog through Melissa's page. I am now following along. I look forward to reading more. Come check me out if you get a chance.


  13. I love the Bachelor also...it is a fun show.

    Your TV room is gorgeous! I love the view of your backyard...the trees are awesome!

  14. I am in LOVE with Brad and Emily! I keep wanting to look on those spoiler sights too but I haven't yet;) and I also LOVE 90210,the Office and Desprate Housewives! Great choices!!

  15. I ADORE Emily and think they'd be perfect together. But I have a weird feeling he is going to pick Chantal... all of my friends think Emily is too boring to be the next Bachelorette; I think she's so pretty and precious everyone would watch it!


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