Monday, February 28, 2011

Storage Solutions for Babies

Happy Monday all!  I hope you had a fantastic weekend.  Ours started off a bit on the crazy side with the foot of snow that fell on Friday here in Cleveland.  Thank goodness it was my day off.  Jillian and I stayed inside and watched the snow fall from the comfort of our couch.  I think I have finally hit my breaking point where I am completely over Winter.  Let's bring on Spring already!!!!

In getting into the spirit of spring cleaning and organizing, I thought I would share with you are few storage and organizational solutions that I are working for me here in our home.   I don't know about you, but picking up after Jillian and organizing all of her stuff has started to become a full time job around here.  I don't know about other Mom's, but Jillian is at the stage where toys and crumbs just seem to follow her all over the house.

Our great room seems to be the epicenter of where Jillian likes to play with her toys.  I love having her play in here.   The great room is the heart of our home and it's where we spend most of our day.    I can also be cleaning up the kitchen or cooking dinner while always keeping a watchful eye on her.  Since Jillian spends most of her playtime in our great room, so are most of her toys kept in this room. 

In order to keep Jillian's toys contained and hidden when she isn't playing with them, I purchased this wicker trunk from Target.  I love how it keeps all of her toys under wraps and tucked away.   The lid is an absolute must in my opinion. 

Now you see all of the toys........

And now you don't!

I went with the same organizational concept in Jillian's bedroom.   We bought this Circo toy box from Target for Jillian's birthday.  I love to rotate toys between the great room and her bedroom to keep things fresh and new.   This toy box is perfect to keep all of Jillian's bedroom toys together and not thrown all over the place which is typically her organizational method of choice. 

Now you see all of the toys.....

And now you don't!

Jillian is one lucky girl with two closets in her bedroom, however, you would be surprised that this has is actually a decorating challenge for me.  Both closets take up an entire wall which left me little room for a bookcase.  Jillian has been blessed with a very large collection of books already in her young life and I really needed to find an easy and convenient place to organize all of them. My storage solution to overcome this challenge was to purchase the Closetmaid Storage Cubes from Target and use it inside one of her closets.  I also purchased several of the canvas cubes in pink and green to go with the colors in her room.

I am currently storing small toys, bibs, and other miscellaneous baby items in the storage cubes and her books are stored at the corners. 

Jillian now loves to crawl up to her organizer and grab a few books to read, or throw on ground.

I was finding it very hard to keep all of Jillian's little socks contained in her large dresser drawers.  I was constantly digging around looking for a matching pair.  My solution to this out of control sock drawer clutter was to purchase drawer organizers from Target.  These cute little organizers are spring loaded so they fit any dresser drawer.  Now Jillian's tights, headbands, andsocks are now organized into their own little sections. 

What storage solutions have you found for baby?  I know we can all share a few of our own!!!  Happy Monday!  Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Anonymous7:43 AM

    Love the cube storage with the pink and green bins! So cute and practical!

  2. I love the drawer things (spring loaded). I wish they would have had those a few years ago.

    I would love to chat with you and see how you like the curtains on your slider doors, how you close them, etc. We have slider doors with curtains but patio curtains do not open on both sides like your curtains do (which is what I wanted). So if you could maybe even send me links, etc I would be so thankful. We only got an inch of snow on Friday (columbus) but the ice was fun in the morning. It's been an icy year for us in Columbus.

    keenerfamily at gmail dot com

  3. We all can use some storage solutions for the kiddos!! The toys seem to get out of control in our house. We actually have the white toy box and I saw the rattan chest at Target. It is on my list to purchase :)

  4. We all can use some storage solutions for the kiddos!! The toys seem to get out of control in our house. We actually have the white toy box and I saw the rattan chest at Target. It is on my list to purchase :)

  5. girl, i LOVED this post! we have one of the cube things in austin's room, but it only has 4 squares. now seeing yours, i wish we had the 9 square one! maybe we will upgrade sometime. :)

  6. I've decided you can NEVER have enough storage! Good solution for the closet, we have something very similar in GG's room!

  7. You got a foot of snow on Friday? What a difference just a few states away, we were in the 60's and 70's all weekend!

    I am amazed at your organization. It must be hard to try to stay organized with a little one around constantly undoing what you've organized.

  8. Great post!! We have the closet cube and LOVE IT!! Emily's room is very small so it's hard to find things that work! I like the wicker trunk... I need one of those!

  9. We have the nine cube organizer in the family room. It is great! Some of the shelves have books and some have bins of toys. Our daughter loves taking all the toys from a bin--but doesn't care to but them back in :)

  10. I have that basket from Target!! ANd I am going to get those drawer organizers!!

  11. Anonymous1:52 PM

    I love how she has just as many headbands/bows as she does socks! That girl is well equipped :-)

  12. I love how you have the drawers organized. Wow!! Did you know you can make drawer dividers from foam board too!!! You've got me motivated to make some right now!!! :)

  13. Great job, love how you are all orgnized!

  14. I LOVE that white cubby hole in her closet. One of my favorite ways to conceal kids toys (: Her room colors are adorable! I always say if I have a girl her room will be pink and green.
    Jillian sure has lots of pretty flower headbands! Lucky girl (:

    Visiting from Amanda's link party!

  15. LOVE the drawer organizer idea!! I need several of those. ;) Just wait until she gets a little older though...Barbies and Polly Pockets are going to drive you insane. ;)


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