Saturday, May 07, 2011

All Things Loved in April

The saying "April Showers Brings May Flowers" was a bit of an understatement for us here in Cleveland.  I don't know about your neck of the woods, but it was the wettest April on record here in Cleveland.  From April 16th through the end of the month, it rained 17 of the 18 days.  Thank the Lord for our Myrtle Beach Vacation that we took at the end of April, I think that literally saved my sanity!!! 

Without further ado, here are all of the things I was lovin' in April....

 {My New iPhone}

Jeff bought me an early birthday present this year, an iPhone 4.   I can honestly say that my iPhone impresses me everyday.  I can not get over the technology.  It is an amazing little phone!!!  Thanks to Daphne over at Flip Flops and Pearls, I was able to figure out how to take a screen print of my iPhone screen.  Do you see the app with the big red 732?  That is FeeddlerRSS, my blog reader.  This has probably been my most favorite app thus far and it wins as the favorite app of the month.  Going forward, I plan on sharing with you each month my favorite iPhone app!  I would love to hear from you and what your favorite iPhone apps are.  And yes,  I do have over 732 unread blog posts.  I think at this point I am going to have to just hit "Mark All As Read" and start over.  I just can not keep up. 

{Pure Abundance Hair Potion}

Have you tried Aveda's Pure Abundance Hair Potion?  It's a fine powder that does amazing things to your roots.  I shake a little of the potion into the crown of my hair when I am done blow drying and ready to style.  I then take a large pick or my fingers and massage my scalp and my hair magically just poof ups.  It's amazing, no teasing necessary.

{The Laughing Cow Cheese}

At a recent trip to Target, I decided to try the Laughing Cow Cheese.  I hear it advertised so much, that I had to try it out for myself.  One of my favorite snacks is Low Fat Triscuits and Cheese so it seemed like a perfect little low fat snack.  Can you believe one little wedge of cheese is only 35 calories!!  And the Garlic and Herb was really good.  I plan on picking up more flavors the next time I hit the store.  I am completely sold.

{Myrtle Beach}

I was so excited to leave our rainy, Cleveland weather and head South for an 8 day trip to my beloved Myrtle Beach.  It was so much fun seeing how Jillian has changed.  The last time we were in Myrtle Beach, Jillian was 6 months old.  

{Not Just A Housewife}

I came across the cutest home making blog this month that I had to mention.  I love finding new and inspirational home decor blogs so hopefully you will find Stacy at Not Just A Housewife as creative and inspiring as I do!!  Stacy's most recent project, painting her front porch turned out beautifully!  You will have to check it out for your self.

{A Big Thank You to My Top Referrals in April}

 I have a section to my side bar which features my Top 10 Referrals of the Month. What is a Referral you ask? According to Google Analytics, these are the top sites that have brought me traffic throughout the month by either having my blog listed somewhere in a blog roll on their site, a linky party that I have joined on their site, or if they have featured me in one of their posts. I sincerely appreciate all of the referrals that I get and want to take a moment to thank you!!!


  1. Thank you! That was so sweet :)

  2. I love laughing cow cheese.

    Happy Mother's Day!

  3. Sometimes I spread the laughing cow cheese on a tortilla, put on a few slices of deli meat and roll it up. You can either eat it that way or cut it in slices, so it is basically like those pinwheel appetizers. A good semi-healthy (depending on what kind of tortilla you use) little snack!

  4. Check out the instagram app for iphone, if you don't already have it. I love it!

    And yes, the laughing cow cheese is amazing!

  5. I will admit that I am addicted to my iphone but I know that there's way more that I could do with it that I'm not doing now. I look forward to learning about some new apps from you.

    The Aveda hair potion sounds like something that really would work for me. I'll have to look for someting the next time I'm in my salon.

  6. Yay to the new Iphone! Awesome! Do you play words with friends?! If so, play me! user name is: Lyryn!

  7. I love laughing cow cheese! Yum!

    One of my top 10 places to go is Myrtle Beach! I can't wait to go there with my little family!

    Have a great week Karen!

  8. LOVE the garlic & herb Laughing Cow! It's really good on the Old London brand Melba Snacks too!

  9. Some awesome things are on your list!! I too came into the world of technology just recently and got a smartphone! It is amazing. Now, you are going to have to tell me how to get that google reader app!! Reading blogs on the go would be awesome :) And I am totally going to try the hair potion!


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