Monday, May 23, 2011

Legacy Village Cleveland Blogger Event

Charming Charlie and White House Black Market teamed up on Sunday evening to host a Cleveland area Blogger's event at Legacy Village. The theme of the event was to find ways to accessorize that little Black Dress.  I can honestly say that I found several ways to accessorize my little black dress and pretty much all of my outfits at Charming Charlie's!  I have to admit I was a bit nervous. I have never been to a Blogging event before! I just couldn't believe after all of the years I have spent Blogging about our life as a hobby that I was actually being recognized for it! It was exciting and I was very grateful for the opportunity.

I shop at Legacy Village all of the time on my hour lunch break but have honestly never been into Charming Charlie's.  I was under the impression that the store primarily sold little girl's clothing. Jillian's 1st Birthday party outfit was from Charming Charlie's which my friend Andrea had found for her. I obviously had no clue of the awesomeness that was in store for me.  Needless to say that I was shocked when I was walked in and was greeted by wall to wall accessories! And for women!!! I thought I had died and gone to accessory heaven. I have never seen so many necklaces. And so reasonably priced!!!

Another reason I was so excited about attending this Blogging event because it was an opportunity for me to meet several of Cleveland's Mommy and Fashion Bloggers.

I have gotten to know Chrissy from GotFam recently through our Blogs and have followed Classy Chaos and 2Wired2Tired on Twitter for several months now.  As nervous as I was, I instantly felt more at ease as soon as I spotted Chrissy. We chatted most of the night and had a blast walking around the store and trying on all of the beautiful necklaces.

I also met a few beautiful Cleveland fashion Bloggers!  Such a pleasure to meet these women and to get to know other Bloggers from different Blogging niche's!

The event was hosted by Jennifer Reese from Yopko Penhallurick PR. She graciously thanked us all for coming and then introduced us to the White House Black Market models. The models came up one by one showing off their beautiful black dresses and explained what type of jewelry would compliment each dress. I have to say that my favorite was the black dress with the white cummerbund. The cummerbund was even removable which made it even more versatile. You couldn't beat the shoes either!

After the fashion show, we were free to roam around the store, sample the goody table, and mingle with the other Bloggers.

Look at this beautiful spread courtesy of The Melting Pot - Legacy Village.  The strawberries were as big as your head!!  Everything was simply delicious.

Towards the end of the evening, I still had not picked any accessories to buy. I was feeling slightly overwhelmed, partly due to all the excitement and the nervousness of the evening. I just kept drawing a blank to what accessories I truly needed. I then remembered a few weeks ago how I started noticing necklaces with pendant flowers attached to the side.  So I set out on a mission to look for one of those.

I ended up finding one in the black accessory section of the store and it was exactly what I had been looking for. I also picked up a pair of matching earrings.

I am so happy to have had the chance to attend this event and can't wait to go back to shop at Charming Charlie's! It is now one of my go-to places for jewelry and accessories.  And you just can't beat the price and quality of their products.

I plan on hosting a giveaway for a Charming Charlie gift card in the next few days.    I hope you will come back and enter to win a gift card to this amazing store!!!


  1. Looks like a fun day. I like what you picked out.

  2. Columbus got a Charming Charlie's last year and a school aide introduced me to it. Their stuff is really cute (and overwhelming at times). Glad you had a great time.

  3. Ahhh...this makes me miss Cleveland so much! We moved about a year ago, but really want to move back sometime. Yay Legacy Village and blogging! :-)

  4. First of all, you looked BEAUTIFUL!! Secondly, what a fun day! I love the necklaces you picked out. Thirdly, the store looks adorable. Glad you had a good time and was able to attend the event. Thanks for sharing, pretty girl! =) XOXO ~Liz

  5. What a fun event!! What girl doesn't love accessories and fashion...and some yummy treats. Glad you had a great time Karen. And love that flower necklace!!

  6. What a great event! You looks fabulous by the way! ;)

  7. Great Post! Such a fun night! I'm so excited that I finally got to meet you!!! I see more blogging events in our future :)

  8. That looked like such a fun event! I'm not sure if I've mentioned this before, but I grew up in Canton, Ohio... so it's nice to read about an area I know about. :)

  9. Ok, how much fun is this!!! Yay to get to meet other bloggers, that's the best! You look great:)

  10. Karen- how fun!!!!

  11. I can't believe you hadn't been in Charming Charlie's! That store is total greatness!!! I love how the store's arranged by color.

  12. What a great event. You looked great.


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