Sunday, June 12, 2011

Life of a SAHM Guest Blogging Series

Thanks to all of you who emailed me regarding the "Life of a Stay At Home Mom" Guest Blogging Series!!  I was so blown away by your eagerness to participate and the number of responses I received.  It just thrills me to death to know you are as excited about this new series as I am.  I really think we have a great group of Guest Bloggers coming up!!

The "Life of a Stay At Home Mom" Guest Blogging Series will begin on Monday, June 20th.  The series will feature several of your favorite Mommy Bloggers sharing their life as a Stay At Home Mommy.  There will be six questions that each Blogger will be answering somewhere in their posts. 

1. Biggest reward of being a SAHM?

2. Biggest challenge for you or your family having you as a SAHM?

3. Do you work from home now or have a side business or craft?

4. What do you miss about not working, if at all?

5. Was it a hard decision to leave the working world or was it the obvious choice all along?

6. Do you plan on going back to work in the same profession or have different career goals?
I can't wait to read about your experiences as a Stay At Home Mom and all of the challenges and rewards that goes along with it!!

Please be sure to join us on June 20th for the kick off of this exciting series! 

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  1. What a unique idea Karen. I'm glad to know you got a good response. That is great.

    Have a happy week.

  2. I will guest blog when you do a working mom series! :)

  3. Are you still looking for guest bloggers?!?! I would love to write for it. I would write something more spiritual about the fact that God was calling me to stop work but i wouldn't trust Him enough so He kinda kicked me out of my job which ended up being the best thing for us. Let me know if you want me to write something up! :)

  4. thanks for letting me know that do to the high volume in response, I won't be able to be a guest blogger. I hope in the future you do keep me in mind. Many blessings to everyone that will be participating, I look forward to reading your amazing stories.


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