Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Life of a SAHM Series {Day 10} Here Comes the Fun

Hi there and welcome to Day 10 of the Life of a Stay {At} Home Mom Guest Blogging Series!!! If you are just joining our Life of a Stay {At} Home Mom Series, welcome! Miss a post? You can find all the entries for our series listed for you here.

I am so excited to introduce Chasity  today from Here Comes the Fun.   Chasity has an adorable newborn baby girl named Georgia AND was the most recent winner in my Target Gift Card Giveaway!  Please give a warm welcome to Chasity!!!


Hello bloggers! I am really new to staying at home, my daughter is not even six weeks old! I got a good taste of staying at home, although not mommying, when I was home for medical reasons the last six weeks of my pregnancy. Those six weeks were all fun and no work, and I used the time to prepare for the arrival of our baby by finishing the nursery, stocking our freezer and trying to figure out a homekeeping schedule. Little did I know that homekeeping would be the least of my duties with a newborn in the house!

The biggest reward for me as a SAHM is getting to experience every single day with my daughter. She is growing and changing so much and so quickly! I am incredibly fortunate to be able to enjoy each second with her, whether it be seeing her sweet smile when she wakes up, taking a walk or changing a dirty diaper. I just love being with her, and I know it will only get more fun as she grows and is able to interact with me.

The biggest challenge for me as a SAHM is trying to juggle all of my responsibilities. My first priority is taking care of my daughter, but I do put pressure on myself to keep our home presentable if not immaculate. I'd also love to have dinner on the table for my husband every evening and to have breakfast with him before he leaves for work. However, I know I will have time for that once the crazy newborn phase is over. Along with these pressures, I find that I have to remind myself to slow down and savor each moment with my baby and not try to do too much...there will always be chores to be done and dinners to be made, but I won't always have a tiny baby!

It's still early, but I don't miss anything about not working. I thought I would miss being around people all day, but my social circle has never revolved around work or co-workers and I have plenty of friends to socialize with as a SAHM. I am a CPA and I have some interests outside of my current industry, so maybe in the future I will put the two together and utilize my skills for something fun - I have some ideas in my head, but no time to implement them. Right now, though, I am just focusing on pleasing my little nine pound boss!

Thanks for allowing me to share, and you can follow me and my family at Here Comes the Sun.

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  1. There are opportunities that come up for me too, but I love being at home with my son.


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