Tuesday, December 20, 2011

2011 Christmas Card

I literally just slipped these cards into my mailbox today.  I was so behind this year, basically because I was struggling with finding a picture that was "Christmas Card" worthy.   Luckily, we went to 'Breakfast with Santa' yesterday at Lake FarmPark in Kirtland, Ohio, and captured a few cute shots in front of their Christmas trees. 

I cropped this cute shot using Picnik.com, uploaded to a pre-made Christmas Card on Walgreens.com, and picked them up in an hour.  It was that easy once I had the right picture.

Merry Christmas from the Karen At Home Family!

Today I am linking up to the Christmas Card Carousel on the 'Walk With Me By Faith' Blog.


  1. Yeah... only half of mine are in :) haha. Last year since hubby had just returned from being deployed we sent "Happy New Years" cards... so my people will at least know my cards can come at any time! :)

  2. Never to late for Christmas cards is what I always say :) Such a cute Christmas card!

  3. Very cute! I did my Christmas cards through Walgreen's website too, so easy!

  4. Sweet card! I love it!

  5. adorable! I love her dress! let's get together!!! I'm on vacation all of next week!

  6. Your card is beautiful. And Happy Birthday to Jillian, too. Love her newborn photo.

    I have to ask, but are you blogging from your phone? I'm not sure if it is the font you use or not, but all the w's do not show up in your post. The s's were missing but they popped up. The w's finally popped up now, but they are distorted looking.

    My ocmputer must not have this font or something.

  7. The card turned out great! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!


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