Friday, October 21, 2011

It's A Boy!!

Boy!!! We are so thrilled to announce it's a very healthy baby BOY! We couldn't be more excited, we are so blessed!

We are in love with his cute face already! He has Jillian's nose, it's so sweet.

Friday, October 14, 2011

17 Weeks - Baby #2

I am finally kicking off my weekly pregnancy posts, hopefully I will become a bit better in this area as my pregnancy progresses.  I am now starting to feel movement which has really given me the confidence to stop worrying and finally enjoy this pregnancy!!!  In comparison to my pregnancy with Jillian, there have been two differences that seem to be standing out.  The first one is that I am extremely thirsty!!!  I have been searching high and low for a sparkling beverage that will quench my thirst like only Diet Pop can with me, however, haven't been able to find a healthy alternative.  I did just pick up a 4-pack of Izze today at the grocery store which seems to be pretty tasty so far.  Hopefully I have found my pregnancy drink!!!  The second one is that I am feeling this baby a lot sooner than I did with Jillian.  I have been feeling pops and flutters starting at 16 weeks, even an occasional tap or two in my lower abdomen.  Now every few days when the baby is on my left side, I can really feel he or she move around which has been very reassuring!!! 

I did the same pregnancy summary below that I did with Jillian, it will be fun to compare the two pregnancies!!!

How far along? 17 weeks

Total weight gain/loss: 10 lbs. As I learned from my pregnancy with Jillian, I gain a lot of weight in the beginning of my pregnancies.  I know some women gain a lot of weight at the end, mine seems to be in the beginning.  To be honest, it's the girls!!!!  I pretty much go from a B to a D over night.  It's a bit comical but it's the truth!!!  I have learned that is just how I am.  It's so fun to now have another pregnancy to compare everything too now.

On a side note, since I was initially pregnant with twins through almost 11 weeks, I grew very big very quickly, my belly and weight gain have seemed to have plateaued a bit so I am sure that made a significant impact in my progress in the beginning.

Maternity clothes: Most of the clothes I wear are pregnancy clothes with the exception of a few pairs of pants that I can still get away with when wearing them with a Bella band.  I have a pretty decent collection of maternity clothes from my pregnancy with Jillian which has made the transition to maternity clothes so much easier this time around.  My sister has also graciously lent me hers as well so I am pretty set.  I am lacking in long sleeve maternity tops which I will need to pick up a few more.  I also need a few cute pair of maternity jeans and longer tops to wear with leggings.  I love the leggings look when pregnant, and they are super comfortable. 

Stretch Marks: None right now and I never developed any with Jillian.  Thank you Mom for these great genes!!

Sleep: I can't complain too much about sleep right now.  Jillian has had an amazing week as far as sleep goes, this has probably been her best week of sleep since birth.  She has really gotten into a groove and barely fusses when we put her down for a nap or at night.  She is also sleeping a consistent 11 hours and her normal sleep schedule is around 9:30pm to 8:30am.  It's wonderful!  So because she is sleeping, I am sleeping.  I do get up at least 1-2 times a night to pee.  My biggest issue lately is getting to bed at a decent hour.  I have always been a night owl and normally get a second wind after Jillian goes to bed.  I need to learn to fight the urge to stay up and need to be more diligent on getting to bed by 10pm.  I have been going to bed after 11pm lately and I am always cursing myself in the morning for it.  Hence, it's 10:50pm right now and I am staying up to blog since it's pretty much the only time I get to blog these days.

Best moment this week: Feeling the baby move more and more.  The movements are becoming stronger and giving me more confidence that my baby is growing and thriving. 

Movement: Yes, every few days I am starting to feel those familiar taps again.  I now know how they feel and it's so great to finally be able to get some constant reassurance that everything is going well in there!

Food cravings: Sweetarts and Combos.  My neighbor who is also expecting was telling me about her cravings and Combos were one of the items she listed.  Ever since then, I have been wanting them myself!!! I have also found too that not a lot of grocery stores carry Combos anymore.  Why is that???  Must find some!

Gender: We will find out a week from today!!!

Labor Signs: Thankfully none so far.

Belly Button in or out? Partially out.

What I miss: My Diet Dr. Pepper habit.  I have had a few here and there but trying to save it for the moments when I really need one.

What I am looking forward to: finding out the sex next week!  I am growing more and more anxious the closer we get to that moment!!!  We have barely even discussed names, nursery ideas, things to buy, etc, until we know for sure if it's a he or a she!!!  Once we do, then it's game on!

Milestones: Finally feeling consistent movement!! Have I mentioned that yet? Ha! It's just so nice to know everything is OK in there!!! It really makes everything feel more real.

Fun Things that Happened this Week: My cousin, who is due a day before me, found out she is having a BOY!!!!  So thrilled for her and her family!!!

So what are you thinking it will be for us?  Boy or Girl?  I would love to hear your thoughts!!!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

All Things Loved in September

I am excited to get back into my monthly "All Things Loved" posts.  I love sharing what I am into lately and these posts are a great opportunity for me to do so!!! Without further ado, here is what I was loving in September!!!

{Favorite Iphone App of the Month - Check Out Helper App}

The Checkout Helper App has been a life saver for me at my Thirty One Parties!!  This little App calculates takes your base price and applies any shipping and tax percentage of your choosing. It will then itemize and total your whole order for you.  Makes life it so much easier when I have to write up several orders at my Thirty One Parties.

{Target Prenatal Gummy Multivitamins}

I came across these Gummy prenatal vitamins when I was desperate to find a prenatal vitamin that didn't make me super nauseous twenty minutes after taking them.  These gummy vitamins are the yummiest tasting vitamins I have ever tried and don't give you that sour stomach after feeling.   One downfall I have to mention is that these vitamins do not contain ANY iron which is probably the reason WHY they do not make you nauseous.  I am slightly anemic again this pregnancy so I need as much I iron as I can get. I have only used these sparingly and on the days that I was experiencing severe morning sickness.  They certainly did the trick and this way I was still able to take some kind of prenatal vitamins even on the days where I didn't want to stick anything in my stomach. 

{Erin Condren Daily Planner}

It seems like all I heard about on Twitter this Summer was the lastest Erin Condren Daily Planner craze.  I actually think I had first heard about it from Sarah over at Life Sweet Life.  I was in the market for a new and user-friendly planner with all of my direct sales appointments I had to now keep track of .  This seemed to be exactly what I was looking for!   Not to mention this planner is PRETTY and came in a lot of other fun patterns.  I also could have it personalized however I wanted.  Isn't it pretty???  I just love it!

Because there was so much chatter on Twitter about these planners, I was able to find a $50 for $25 deal on any Erin Condren purchase!!!  I am excited to announce that the Erin Condren deal is back and you too can get the same deal here.  I can honestly say I use this planner every day and it's been great so far in keeping me organized.  I love using my iPhone calendar for alerts and appointments, however, I guess I am old school in the fact that I still need to write things down to make myself feel more organized and put together. 

{Crockpot Recipes}

Although Fall has barely begun, I was really excited to break out my crock pot this month.  Kelly over at Kelly's Korner had a Crockpotalooza link up party where everyone posted their favorite crock pot recipes.  I also came across a fun facebook page called Crock Pot Girls.  The popularity of this page was astounding and it grew to over 1,000,000 fans practically over night!  If you own a crock pot and are looking forward to using it this Fall and Winter, I highly suggest you check out both of these sites!!!! 

I kicked off my Crock Pot season by making my Mom's Beef Stew recipe.  Yum!!!!  It did not disappoint.  I will post this recipe down the road once I make it again and take better pictures!!!  For now, here is a sneak peak compliments of my iPhone.

{Favorite Blog in September - Life Sweet Life}

I haven't found any new blogs this month to mention, however, I wanted to feature my friend Sarah over at Life Sweet Life today as my favorite blog of the month.  I have been following Sarah since she was around 7 months pregnant with her son Manny and her blog is always one of the first that I visit when I have a few minutes to catch up on my blog reading.  Sarah's blog is one of my favorite's for so many reasons.  First, she is a total sweet heart and has amazing taste!  Did you see her son's first birthday party???  This girl can plan a celebration!!!!  She also brings so many great ideas to the blogosphere as you can see from my Erin Condren Planner above.  I am also happy to say that she announced on her blog yesterday that she is pregnant with Baby #2!!! 

I am so thrilled for her and looking forward to sharing our second pregnancies together.  Congratulations Sarah!!!!

{A Big Thank You to My Top Referrals in September}

I have a section to my side bar which features my Top 10 Referrals of the Month. What is a Referral you ask? According to Google Analytics, these are the top sites that have brought me traffic throughout the month by either having my blog listed somewhere in a blog roll on their site, a linky party that I have joined on their site, or if they have featured me in one of their posts. I sincerely appreciate all of the referrals that I get and want to take a moment to thank you!!!