Thirty-One Gifts Spring Premiere

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

On Saturday, for the first time ever, Thirty-One revealed its new Spring line to consultants via the Silver screen! In movie theaters across the country, consultants got to see the beautiful new products and hear lots of exciting updates. If I wasn’t already a consultant, our new kit and Start Swell program would have me signing up in a second! It was a fun experience and just makes me more excited for National Conference in Atlanta in August! Woohoo! I can’t wait! The premiere also included the “Why?” for several of our consultants and directors. I needed a box of Kleenex while listening to them with all of the crazy pregnancy hormones I have going on right now. It is great to be reminded that it isn’t about purses, it is about changing lives and helping women!! Whether it is finding the right item to organize their home, helping them find the perfect gift, or offering them an opportunity to realize their dreams, Thirty-One Gifts has the answer! I know I have shared my “Why” on here in the past and this past weekend certainly confirmed that I made the right decision by following my heart. I really feel like God intervened and is showing me the way through Thirty-One like he has with so many other women. I met up with my team at Panera for breakfast before the big reveal. It was so nice to finally meet my Director and other members of the team that I have interacted with so much these past few months. After chatting it up at Panera, we all headed over to the Valley View Cinema for the big event.

The long line of women carrying Thirty-One purses just to get into the event was impressive!!! Needless to say, we are a large group of women crazy about Thirty-One and the opportunities and rewards it brings to our lives.

It was fun sitting with my team and sharing out thoughts about what we thought was going to be revealed in the Premiere. I sat next to Gia and Sheena (who is due a day after me, crazy!) who were a blast to hang out with. I actually met Gia several years ago on as a newlywed and also reconnected with her through blogging. It’s crazy to think we signed up to be Thirty-One Consultants at the same time and are now on the same team. Seeing a sneak peak of Thirty-One’s Spring catalog on Saturday got me so excited for Spring! Spring is certainly in the air with Thirty-One!

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