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Parade of Homes ~ Day 7 ~ The Coleman Chronicles

Hello friends!! I hope you are all having a great week and enjoying all of these beautiful homes!! What an amazing group we have had this week!! If you are new to my blog or just now tuning in, I would highly suggest starting with Day 1 to begin your tour.

Just a reminder, the Parade of Homes goes through this  Friday, April 13th. On Friday April 13th, there will be a linky party for everyone to link up their Homes!!! Please mark your calendar and start photographing those rooms in your home that you can't wait to show off!!!
Today we have Brittany from The Coleman Chronicles showing off her beautiful home.  Thank you Brittany for welcoming us into your beautiful home!!!

Hi Karen At Home readers!  Welcome!
(To the longest post. Ever.)
I’m Brittany, and blog over at The Coleman Chronicles.  I’m a stay-at-home mom to a little 15 month old girl who is the definition of sugar & spice, and I’m excited to be sharing our home with y’all today!  I have so enjoyed seeing all of the homes on this tour, and I think it’s especially fun to get a glimpse of whose home you’re snooping around in, so here we are!

We’re from Texas, so c’mon in, have a glass of sweet tea and stay awhile!  This picture was actually taken right after we moved in almost 3 years ago.  Just imagine that the bushes are about 3x as full and the crepe myrtles are much taller!
We’ll start with the unstained rocking chairs on our front porch.  This was taken in the fall, so forgive the wreath.  I love our front porch.  I wish more houses had them – I think more people would be friends with their neighbors and the world would be a better place. ;)
This is likely what you'll see when you enter the front door – complete with crawling walking(!) toddler.  She’s our little greeter. :)
This table is a work-in-progress.  I’d really like to paint it white – what do y’all think?  Of course, then I couldn’t have the white frame or platter there… decisions, decisions.  That frame was our “guest book” at our wedding and has one of our engagement pictures in it.  I still love to stop and read the notes people left! 
Directly across from this table is our study.  This is my husband’s version of a man-cave and the only room where he had free-reign to decorate as he pleased.  There are french doors leading into the room, so I can close it off when I’ve hit my manly-decorating-max.  {Most of these are old pictures, and aside from a new chair, nothing has changed in here – sorry for the lack of an update here.}  You’ll notice just about every inch of wall space is covered with some type of sports memorabilia.  Hence the reason this was the only room he’s had free-reign with. 
{Sidenote: when we first moved in, he asked if he could hang his Dumb & Dumber movie poster above the toilet in our master bathroom.  Oh how much we still had to learn about each other…}
After Move-InWalking down the hall a little further you’ll find our dining room on your right and the kitchen to your left. 
IMG_5138 copy
Dining Room
If this was our “forever home” I would have painted our cabinets a creamy white a long time ago.  But it’s not.  So I haven’t.  Don’t you think the cabinet locks really add that special touch that the kitchen needed?
The breakfast nook and family room are both open to the kitchen area…
You-know-who had to make another cameo…
Before I move on, people always ask me what color is on the walls in the family room.  It’s a custom color that took about 8 trips to Lowe’s to get it right, but you can click here for the formula.
That little hallway to the left of the breakfast nook leads to our master bedroom and laundry room. 
First up, the master bedroom.  We actually just re-did this room and you can read more about the transformation here.  I worked with Courtney from A Thoughtful Place to change it up and it’s one of my favorite rooms in our house now!  
You can also find a tutorial on how I made our euro shams here!  They were seriously one of the easiest sewing projects I’ve ever done.
Our laundry room was the first room in our house that I painted.  I love the bright, cheery blue in here. 
When you walk through the laundry room (yes, we have one of those tiny laundry rooms that doubles as a hallway) you’ll come to the last 3 bedrooms and guest bathroom.  Up first is Hadley’s room.  The wall color in here is Portobello by Sherwin Williams.
Because our current house doesn’t have a play-room, Hadley’s room and our family room do double-duty holding her toys – hence the play kitchen and clutter on her bookshelf! 
Our guest bath is the next stop.  This was the second room I painted and I went a little bolder in here.  Some days I wish I had done a bright white or light grey to open the room up, but I don’t have to go in here every day, so I sort of like having it different than any other room. 
We have two more spare rooms, but one of those is currently a catch-all room for storage, so you’ll have to use your imaginations.  Our guest bedroom is the last stop (with a few quick hallway shots on our way…)
You can see how much this paint color changes with the light.  It’s Sherwin Williams Comfort Gray.  If I had my way, I would paint the wood posts and nightstand white to lighten up this room, but my husband seems to have an issue with painting furniture.  I’ll keep working on him…
The only place left to see would be the backyard!  We extended our patio with some stamped concrete, and thanks to buying new construction, had to add any and all landscaping you see back here.  There’s still a lot of growing to do, and the patio set needs to be stripped and re-stained, but we still love it back here!   Here is where we started…
And here it is now… {Please ignore the fact that the lawn needs to be edged & mowed in some of these.  We just had some serious storms here and overnight our grass has started to grow like crazy!}
IMG_5159 copy
IMG_5162 copy

IMG_5163 copyIMG_5164 copy
That’s all!  Thanks so much to Karen for letting me hang out here for the day!  I’m excited to see the rest of the homes, and all of y’alls homes at the linky party!

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  1. Love your home!! Love your style and your paint colors are so pretty - warm and inviting. I am cracking up at the Dumb and Dumber reference!!

    Is your foyer paint color the same as the living room? Love it and I am figuring this out now for my house.

    1. Hi Colleen,
      That is actually a slightly darker color than the base paint color throughout the house. It was a custom mix, but you can't really even tell it's different than the hallways. It's definitely on the to-do list to make it more dramatic! Let me know if you want the code for it and I can go dig it out!

    2. Thank you Brittany!!! I'll let you know. I'm in the midst of many samples! it's craziness (on my part!)

  2. Your house is awesome! I'm surprised it isn't your forever house- I love it!

  3. Beautiful house!! What IS it with guys and painted furniture? I've heard that so much from my friends and blog readers over the years. I don't get it. I think they think it's going to be more work for them so they say they don't like the look of it to get out of heavy lifting! Ha!

    I adore that rug in the babies room. Just beautiful!

  4. I love what you've done with your patio - what a difference! Beautiful home!

  5. LOVE this brittany!!! what a fun surprise to see you posting here :)
    and your house is gorgeous! love all the colors you've chose and how clean and classic your decorating is :-)

  6. Beautiful home and adorable baby!

    My daughter is a little older than yours I think. Do you have her white vintage kitchen attached to the wall?

    1. Thank you! We don't actually have it attached (yet), but that's only because she's not quite tall enough to try climbing it yet, and we're not sure how long we'll be in this house. Once we have a playroom somewhere and she's a little bigger, we'll be anchoring it for sure!

  7. You have a beautiful Home, seriously you guys have done an amazing job decorating it. my favorites? your rugs and Master bedroom. I'm in love!


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