Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Easy Stuffed Green Peppers


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Hello!  Thanks to everyone who responded to my last post!  I think I am finally getting Nicholas turned around at bedtime which is such a relief!  I figured out that his early morning nap, which is pretty much an extension of his nighttime sleep, was just too long and throwing off his bed time.  I have been gradually waking him up in the morning earlier and earlier.  Depending on what time Nicholas would get up to eat in the morning, I would also keep him from going back down for a nap afterwards too.  He went to bed before 10:30pm the past two nights so I think it is finally working.  He just needs a little bit of a tweaking!  It's amazing what an extra hour at night kid-free has done for me.  I also get to spend more quality time with Jeff which is a bonus.   Hopefully we can keep moving his bedtime closer to 8pm or 9pm which would be ideal but I will take 10pm for now!  Certainly an improvement over 11pm or 12pm!!  Thanks for sticking with me, I love this blog so much and hopefully will be back to a normal blogging routing sometime soon.  I just realized the other day that I celebrated my six year blogging anniversary.  Six years!!!  How so much has changed for Jeff and I in six years.  I am so thankful that I have been able to stick to blogging this long, it has certainly been a blessing to go back and read how are life has evolved.  Thanks to all of you who have been here that long or even if you are new here!  I can not even tell you how many amazing and inspiring women I have met from all over the country simply from blogging.  So thanks to everyone who has ever said hello, left me a comment, liked my Facebook page or followed me on Twitter or Instagram.  It's been a true pleasure getting to know all of you!!!
A few weeks ago I made one of our family favorites, stuffed peppers.  I absolutely love this meal and it can also be turned into a healthy version too since it's two main ingredients are ground turkey meat and green peppers.  Go sparingly on the cheese or remove it all together and you not only have an easy meal but a low fat one too.  Enjoy!!

5 large green peppers
1 package ground turkey meat, defrosted
1 bag of success rice, cooked
1 egg
2 tablespoons dried or fresh parsley
5 slices provolone cheese
2 cans of Campbell's tomato soup
salt and pepper to taste

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.  If you haven't already, cook the bag of success rice on your stove top and set aside.  Clean and core the green peppers then slice them in half.  Place the ten halves into a deep glass baking dish and fill the bottom with water.  Be sure the glass dish you choose can also fit into your microwave.  Microwave the peppers for around 5 minutes.  I know all microwaves are different, you basically want the peppers to be softer and slightly more pliable.  They will soften a bit more when you cook the meal in the oven but in the microwave is where they will probably soften the most. 
In a large bowl, mix turkey meat, rice, parsley, egg, salt and pepper.  Be sure to mix these ingredients thoroughly.  Place your pepper halves into a 9x13 glass casserole with the open side up.  Fill each pepper half with a large spoonful of your turkey mixture.  If you still have leftover turkey mixture, try squeezing more into each pepper.  Open up each can of tomato soup and spoon into a bowl with a spout.  I use the Pyrex large, glass mixing cup.

Fill up one of the empty soup cans with water and slows pour into the measuring cup.  This will be your sauce, add the water to your desired consistency.  I like mine a little thicker than tomato soup.  Pour the sauce slowly over the peppers and into all the empty spaces in your casserole pan.  Top each pepper with half a slice of provolone cheese. 
Bake uncovered for 45 minutes.

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  1. I so love Stuffed Green Peppers! However, I never make them the same each time and most of the time they are good but there's been a couple of times that weren't the best...but edible! LOL

    Last week I made Stuffed Mexican Yellow Peppers to change it up a bit! WOW! It was fab!

    I am going to have to try your recipe here and see how the family likes this one!

    Kim M.

  2. This looks delicious!

  3. Hi Karen! this looks very good. I need something new in my menu rotation!

  4. Ahhhaan... Looks good. I have an Indian version of Stuffed Green Pepper, which I should be able to share soon.

    Congrats on completing 6!


  5. This looks great, Karen. I can't believe it's been six years.

  6. Anonymous4:37 PM

    Thanks Karen, they look soooo yummy. I'll have to Pin this recipe too - it's a keeper! Happy Anniversary as well, you've done a fabulous job here!


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