Back from the Thirty-One Conference!

Friday, August 10, 2012

I'm back!!! Wow! What an amazing time I had in Atlanta at the Thirty-One Gifts National Conference. I am so excited to tell you all what an amazing time I had! It was such a whirlwind of good times and good information that I needed a few days just to process it all or this post might have sounded more like it was written by a giddy teenage girl who had just come from her very first boy band concert. It has taken me a few days to take a breath, sit down and to write about it! I really needed to take a few days to reflect on everything I had learned.

I was so lucky to have my teammate, blogging friend and traveling partner Gia with me the entire time. I was scared to death about getting on an airplane and leaving my family so thank you Gia for putting up with this emotional basket case! I don't know what I would have done without your companionship and moral support!!

I finally relaxed once our plane took off and we seemed to be safely in the air. I met all sorts of fun ladies on the airplane decked out in their Thirty-One hot pink. It was easy to spot all the Thirty-One girls everywhere you went since we were all wearing pink and carrying the same bags!!!

Even the girl sitting next to me was a new consultant all excited about attending her first conference.

This is the look of pure relief after I arrived safely in Atlanta.

I was so worried about orphaning my babies!! It's crazy how differently we think about things when you are a Mom!

Since I had signed up last minute to attend the conference, I had to split my time in Atlanta between two different hotels. The first night I stayed with Gia at the Sheraton and the last two night I shared a room with two other teammates, Patty and Jessica, in the Marriott Marquis. Even though I had to pack and unpack my suitcase twice, it was so nice getting to know my teammates and experiencing two different hotels. Here is my amazing view from the Marriott Marquis. We were on the 34th floor!

The picture on the left was at 5:30am and the second was at 6:30am. Even though I was away from the babies for a few days, I got even less sleep than I would have at home! Thirty-One packed our schedules full for two solid days so we were always up early and home late. Since I am a nursing Mom, I had to get up even earlier just to pump!!

Everyday we had to wear this awesome name tag!  Ever see the movie 'Office Space'?  I clearly had an acceptable amount of pieces of flair on my name tag!  I love that we all were given state pins to represent which state we were all from.  It was so fun to see where everyone lived!!!

The first big event of the conference was the Fall 2012 product reveal. The Phillips Arena was absolutely hopping!!! So many screaming women excited to see all the new products that we were going to sell this Fall. I know I have mentioned this on the blog before but I have to say that I love the founder of Thirty-One, Cindy Monroe. We really got to see the personal side of her throughout the conference, I admire and respect her even more if that is even possible!

Here is a little video from where I was sitting inside the Phillips arena. We were all anticipating the start of the Fall 2012 product reveal and for Cindy to make her first appearance on stage. Pure craziness!!

Here is another fun video I found on YouTube from the conference. It really gives you an idea of what our weekend was like!

In addition to all the fun events at The Phillips Arena, we attended several valuable training sessions to help us strengthen our business.

Can you imagine changing classes with 16,000 other women?

Yeah, it was nuts as you can see. But it was worth it because I learned so much from women who have successfully grown their businesses in both sales and recruiting.
The last day of the conference consisted of more meetings inside the Phillips Arena with a formal dinner and awards ceremony in the evening.

The theme of this year's conference was 'Live it Up!' and I did just that! I learned so much about my business, the company and myself! There were also 16,000 other consultants at this event eager to learn more about growing their business with Thirty-One Gifts. I met so many amazing and successful women that I admire and look up to. I also had the pleasure of meeting Kodi and Dana who are a few blogging friends as well which was such a special treat. Both Kodi and Dana are from Missouri and our paths would have probably never crossed in real life if it weren't for Thirty-One. I was able to snap a picture with Dana, however, I think Kodi and I were so excited we unexpectedly ran into one another that we forgot!

However, here is a picture of Kodi walking across the stage accepting her promotion to Director and meeting the founder of Thirty-One, Cindy Monroe.

Thank you Kodi and Dana for meeting up with me!

The Thirty-One story certainly is a successful one! Did you know that Thirty-One is the fastest growing direct sales company in 2011? It grew at a rate of 382% and is still growing!

There were also 45,000 new active consultants added from June 2011 to May 2012. When I enrolled in July 2011, my consultant number was 77283, today the consultant numbers are in the 218,000's! Not all these women are currently active, I believe there are around 90,000 active consultants right now.
As I sat waiting for our plane to take off back to Ohio, I thought about how much more relaxed I was compared to my flight to Atlanta.

I was so excited to see Jeff and my babies but so thankful for those few days to be myself again and to 'Live it Up' with my other Thirty-One sisters. This trip did more for me than just valuable business training, but it helped me to be an even better Mom mentally too. Jeff did an awesome job with the babies while I was gone and I honestly think we are all better for this experience.
Not only did I return to Cleveland with a fresh perspective on how I was going to grow my business, but I also returned with so many new products just in time for the launch of the new Fall 2012 catalog. My suitcase was full and I ended up having to check a few bags before my flight. I can't wait to share with you all of new products and prints for Fall!
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