Monday, May 20, 2013

Life Lately

Hello friends! I hope you are all doing well! Things have been just so busy lately that blogging has taken more than just a back seat, it's just plain non-existent lately. I would love to blog a little more, Summer has finally arrived here in Cleveland and I want to do better at capturing these precious moments with my family. My goal is to start blogging at least once a week, lets hope that works out!   I am at that point that I don't know where to start up again so this post is going to be full of the most random thoughts as I try to find my way back to the blogging world.  

Remember back in January when I wanted 2013 to be all about balance? Well, that just went out the window. I have been SO busy lately that I don't have much time left to breath. I am so blessed to have a successful direct sales business but its been almost a little too busy!  Busy doesn't even explain it!   Just trying to keep life at a more manageable pace.  It was just starting to burn my whole family out and that is not what I want at all for my businesses. Jeff enjoyed a lot of one on one time with the kids but he too was getting a bit burned out.

As you can see, this is what happens when Daddy baby sits and Mommy is out at a party for the night.

Daddy needs a break too! The beauty of being a direct sales consultant is that when things get crazy, you can make your own schedule and get a handle on things quickly. Which is exactly what I am now trying to do right now.

So what HAVE we been up to lately?

{The Babies}

Nicholas is walking and growing up right before my eyes. He is less baby and more toddler and its just unbelievable. I love this little guy so much and the feelings are clearly mutual. Although my little guy has found a new independence with walking, he is still Momma's boy and won't let me out of his sight for a moment. He is such a fun loving little guy, he loves balls and animals, especially dogs. He is just so sweet!  He also has the sweetest little curls in the back of his head. I haven't even scheduled his first hair cut yet because I don't have the heart to cut those little baby curls. So he will be a little on the shaggy side until he starts looking more like an 80's rocker than a toddler. Nicholas has also been teething a lot lately, to a point where I spent more nights awake then sleeping.  Thankfully he seems to be more comfortable and sleeping better.

Jillian is such a big girl! She is finally at a stage where I can leave her be for a few minutes and not have to worry about her hurting herself or her brother. I can go upstairs and take a shower and not have to worry. What a great feeling for any Momma! Of course I have to take the little man upstairs with me but at least it's one less child to worry about and there is finally more showering going on. One of these days I can shower at a reasonable pace during the day and without the stress of wondering what trouble my kids will get themselves into.   Jillian is still not potty trained yet which is concerning but we are slowly taking baby steps in that department. It's not that she doesn't know how, she just too stubborn and doesn't want to be bothered with it. She is so like her Momma, hates being told to do something and has to do it on her time when she is ready. Oh boy, are we in trouble!  Jillian is going to pre-school in September so potty training is no longer going to be an option but a necessity very soon.   I am trying not to stress out about it and hopefully it all works out in time.  One thing I have learned that now that I am a SAHM is that Jillian doesn't see other kids going on the potty so there is no incentive for her to be a "big girl". We have tried everything to encourage her and she is just so not impressed. Stickers, new toys, extra privileges.....doesn't care. She doesn't want to be bothered with any of it.   Although we have been fighting the potty training battle lately, my little princess has been so sweet lately and too has been going through a but of a Momma's girl phase. I am so blessed to have two wonderful babies to spend my days with!

{The House}

Despite of being very busy, I have actually accomplished two house projects that I have been wanting to do.   A photo wall and my Mommy Command Center.   I really hope to do posts on each of these items but for now will just give you a sneak peek. My photo wall is still a work in progress, I need to order a few more prints and possibly change out a few frames but its up and I love it!

The second house project is my Mommy Command Center.   With a busy direct sales business, the kids activities and appointments and other random events going on, this command center has helped us out tremendously. It is by far my most favorite thing in the house right now.  It also has a white board where I want to start using for menu planing.

So that is pretty much it, I feel like I am just trying to survive each day. I would love to start going to bed earlier because I have been so tired lately but night time is the only time I get anything done and find myself awake until 11:30. I am just plain exhausted in the morning then when my kids get up Please tell me I am not alone here. Any suggestions?

I hope you are all doing well, for those who have stuck around, thank you! I don't want to give up the blog, it will always be a part of me like it has been for years. I am just living life more lately than writing about it.


  1. Hi Karen!!! photo wall looks great. Glad to hear your business is doing well : )

  2. Hey friend!! I miss you!! I can understand the busy-ness and being unable to keep up with everything.

    I know that I am a night owl. I have tried the get-up early thing and it isn't for me. I just get the most done at night! You will get the hang of everything. The advice I CAN give is to plan as much in advance as you can. I religiously menu plan and shop weekly. I have fallen off the wagon with that for a few weeks and I KNOW it is adding to my stress factor. I color code everything, we use a calendar on the fridge, our Google calendar (which Jamie even uses for her school stuff and for her part-time job) and I have my ERIN CONDREN planner (what was life like before that?).

    Good luck! You can do it!

  3. Hi! I just randomly found your blog and it's so cute! Anyway, I also have to tell you that I just had a baby girl 2 weeks ago and named her Jillian. :)

  4. I'm glad you had a little time to blog! I can't get over how grown up Jillian looks! They're both just too cute!


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