Friday, September 19, 2014

Friday Favorites

Hello Friends! Happy Friday! I hope you are having a great week.  It has really started to feel like Fall this week and even broke down and turned the heat on this week.  We have had some CHILLY nights here in Cleveland and can't remember the last time we turned the heat on this early.  I am still pretty giddy about blogging again and kicking off the weekend by linking up with Erika from A Little Bit of Everything with a Friday Favorites post.

I am absolutely loving Jillian's new dance studio and so excited we made the switch this year.  It's everything I was hoping for and more.  Jillian is also noticeably happier and look forward to watching my little dancer every week!

I have been on a bit of a Pinterest kick lately and tried out an amazing new Crockpot recipe.  I plan on blogging about it next week, be sure to stay tuned.  Your taste buds will thank you!

Now that Jillian is back in preschool, I am able to renew my Dunkin Donuts addiction again.  Jillian's preschool is right around the corner from our local Dunkin Donuts and I usually treat myself at least once a week.  

Do you find 'Back to School' means 'Back to Fast Food'? I am finding now that we are out and about more with our new routine, it's easy to grab food on the go.  This week we decided to head to Chick Fil A after picking Jillian up from Preschool.  The kids were so excited I let them play for an extended amout of time, can't you tell?

Being a work at home Mom, I often find little gifts left for me in my office.  This week it was My Little Ponies.  I think they brightened up my desk, don't you?

Hope you ladies have a wonderful weekend!  Thank you so much for stopping by!

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