Friday, December 05, 2014

Friday Favorites

Hello Friends! Happy Friday! I hope you are having a great week.  I don't know about you but this week seemed to have flew by for me.  I am sure this is how it is going to be this entire holiday season, so much to do and so little time!!    I am excited to kick off the weekend by linking up with Erika from A Little Bit of Everything with a Friday Favorites post.  Going through my camera roll I realized I have not taken that many pictures this week hence again with it just being a really busy week, even too busy to take some pictures!!  Anyways, here are my Friday Favorites from the week.  Enjoy!

We had a rare warm day here in Cleveland on Sunday and Jeff was able to put up all of our Christmas lights.  I snapped this picture using the Instaweather App which is one of my favorites.  I love how you and document your pictures with what the weather was doing on that particular day. Genius!

I started the South Beach diet on Monday after a weekend of Thanksgiving indulging not to mention all of the Halloween candy I had consumed in the last few weeks.  Mama's pants were getting tight and drastic action needed to be taken.  The South Beach Diet is my favorite way to shed a few pounds quickly without giving up too much.  Yes, I have to give up my love of carbs, but even on Phase 1 you can eat a few "good" carbs such as beans.  The first day is always the hardest but I am already on Day 5 and still hanging in there.  I like to stay on the full 2 weeks of Phase 1 where I typically lose around 5 pounds.   Wish me luck as I head into the weekend, especially with all of the parties we have scheduled, it will be tempting but I am determined to make it through to the other side :)
Here is the other culprit for the few extra pounds, anyone else love the French's Fried Onions that go into the Green Bean Casserole?  Ah-maz-ing!!!  When I was little, I would always sneak these while my Mom was trying to make her Thanksgiving Green Bean Casserole.  She would always have to hide them so we would have some left!!  Growing up, our Green Bean Casserole was always a little light on the onion because of my obsession.  LOL!  This Thanksgiving, we bought a ginormous bag at Sam's Club which probably wasn't the best idea.  It made for the perfect snack for several days but now I am paying for it.  I sent this picture to my Mom which gave her a good laugh :)
"Paci" the Elf made his return this week and my kids are loving that he is back for another Christmas.  "Paci" brought Christmas jammies with him for the kids and they loved having a present to open so early in the holiday season!  I hope to turn this into a tradition every year. 
I have been struggling getting into the groove of remembering to move him, I need to add some kind of alert to my iPhone because one of these days I am going to slip up.  Jillian seems more into the Elf than Nicholas. I think he just likes him because she does.  I am sure he will get more excited about it as the years go on.  They still haven't quite understood the whole point that he goes back to Santa and reports whether they have been good or bad much to my dismay as a parent.  Isn't that the whole reason a Mom came up with the Elf on the Shelf in the first place?  LOL!!
The Winter season always brings a lot of deer sightings in our back yard along with it.  These sweet deer hung out in our woods for most of the afternoon yesterday and decided to even take a little nap.  The kids just love having these deer and other critters as our neighbors. 
 Can you believe Christmas is only 20 days away?  Hope you're enjoying EVERY minute of the holiday season!  Have a GREAT weekend!!
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  1. I LOVE the onion rings too!!! I really need 2 extra weeks between Thanksgiving & Christmas!


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