Monday, November 09, 2015

Fall Family Pics

Happy Monday friends! I hope you all had an amazing weekend! Ours was pretty busy, I had a Rodan + Fields vendor event at a local High School which was a lot of fun. 

I love vendor events, I meet so many great people and I get a little Mommy time out of the house. I have another one this coming weekend and one in December.  #lovemyjob

I wanted to share with you our Fall family pictures before I forget all of the exciting (by exciting, I mean stressful) details...let me start off by saying the last time we had professional pictures taken Nicholas was 9 months old.  I know...shame on me, but while planning for this momentous event, now I know why! It was stressful!!!!  So much time and planning was spent on what we were wearing and what we would be doing.  Once I thought I had one person's outfit all figured out, I couldn't make it work for anyone else.  Finally in the end, all of my stress, hard work, mad Pinterest pinning and 8,000 trips to Target and Old Navy finally paid off :)

We had our pictures taken at Squire's Castle by our friend and neighbor, Todd Anguish.  Squire's Castle is a very popular picture destination here in Cleveland.  There were even several other families getting their pictures taken at the same time while we were there.  Luckily, we were all able to take advantage of the beautiful setting before the sun went down.  The Fall leaves were just starting to change which made for a gorgeous back drop against the stone castle. 

On our way to our appointment both kids crashed HARD in the car.  Sigh.. not a good way to start things off.  I knew we would have to wake them up which would make for some pretty groggy and cranky babies.  Perfect for a family photo shoot, right? With a little coaxing from Daddy and Todd, we were able to persevere with minimal damage :)

We started off with a few pictures in front of the castle.  Little by little the babies started to wake up and embrace the whole experience.  Todd then suggested for them to play in the leaves which of course, they loved!

I absolutely love Jillian's face in this picture, this is so her :)  

My precious babies holding hands, they truly do love each other.

To give the other families a chance to use the castle as their setting, we moved things behind the castle and into the woods.  

I absolutely love this picture, we are all looking at the camera and smiling.  This almost never happens in real life.

Another favorite, my heart literally burst out of my chest seeing my babies captured in this sweet moment.

I love this picture of Jeff and I, life is not about just us anymore and we have very few photos these days with just the two of us.

My precious babies!!!  I just love this picture and is it me or does my daughter have some amazing hair??  #hairenvy So sweet!!  I hope that you all got half as much of a kick out of these as I did!  I am now planning a new photo wall along our staircase and these will absolutely perfect for it.  I also plan on swapping out a few of our old pictures in our current photo wall with a few of these.  I have the hardest time replacing pictures in frames because I get all sentimental taking out the old pictures... is it just me??? 

Happy Monday!!


  1. Absolutely gorgeous pics!

  2. Beautiful pics! Just beautiful!


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    Gorgeous Photos !!!


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