Thursday, November 05, 2015

Friday Favorites ~ Indian Summer Edition

Happy Fall Y'all!!!  Or are we back to Summer? I think we are all feeling a bit confused this week and basically in a state of shock that we were experiencing 70's temps in November.  I can not remember a more beautiful Fall and we tried to enjoy every single moment.  

took my weekly house pic this week to document the Fall leaves and had to use the Instaweather App to prove that it was 64 degrees and it was only 8:30am.  I was on my way back from walking Jillian to the bus stop when I snapped this pic and was actually working up a sweat. I had grabbed my Northface jacket on my way out the door not realizing just how warm it truly was outside.  I guess it's time to bust out those shorts again already.  LOL!

Look at the amazing changes to the trees in the last 3 weeks.  Beautiful!!

Jillian had a day off on Tuesday which worked out perfectly with all the beautiful weather.  My sweet girl and I dropped off Nicholas at preschool and ran a bunch of post-Halloween errands.  We hit Chick FIL A for lunch after picking Nicholas up from school.  After the kids played in the play area, it seemed only appropriate to grab an Ice Cream, just like any other hot Summer Day :)

With both kids in school on Thursday, I was able to catch up on a few things with my Rodan + Fields business. If you had not heard, the most sought after Eye Cream is back in stock.  Yay!  The house was so quiet, it felt amazing sitting in my office with the windows open packaging up Eye Creams for delivery.  

After getting Jillian off the bus, we stayed outside and played in our backyard with all the leaves.  Both kids had a blast sliding down the slide into a big pile of leaves.

We stayed outside as late as we possibly could before it grew dark at 5pm.  Truly one of the happiest, fun filled weeks we have had this Fall just trying to soak up these last few moments of "Summer-like" weather.

I hope you all had as an amazing week as we did!!!  Have a great weekend!


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