Friday, December 04, 2015

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday Friends!!!  I hope you are all having a great week.  Hard to believe there are only 3 weeks until Christmas.  I was shopping at our local Target yesterday and judging by how picked over everything is already, I really need to pick up my Christmas shopping game!!! How is your Christmas shopping going so far? Are you one of those savvy shoppers who had everything wrapped by Black Friday or are you like me, running around the Mall on Christmas Eve, grabbing anything left that looks halfway decent? I am hoping to get everything done by the 21st, which also happens to be my sweet girl's birthday.  Wish me luck!!

I am excited to kick off the weekend by linking up with ErikaAndrea and Narci with a Friday Favorites post.  

Before we begin, I had to post the last picture of my home with all of the leaves officially on the ground (poor Jeff!).

Things look a bit different from when I took the first picture 10 weeks ago....

Fall is an amazing transformation!  Have all of the leaves come down yet where you live?  This week we also experienced our first significant snowfall.  Before I had a chance to take a picture of it, I blinked and it was pretty much all gone.  All 3 inches of it.  Gotta love this mild El Niño Winter we are having so far!

On Sunday we ventured out to cut down our Christmas tree for the very first time.  Typically we buy our tree pre-cut but thought it would be fun to do it ourself this year.  The kids had a blast helping us pick it out!

My little helpers...

And guess who also returned this week? 

Paci the Elf! Paci's name was fondly given to him by Jillian when she was 2 and obsessed with her pacifiers.  She called them Paci's and that is how Paci the Elf came to be.  Ha! 

My new #girlboss mug is my absolute favorite this week.  Could this mug not be more perfect?  It pretty much wraps up my love for my entrepreneurial spirit and my dedication to being my own boss.  There truly is no better feeling knowing you call all the shots when it comes to your career.  The sky truly is the limit as a #girlboss.  Love this!!!!

Speaking of being a girl boss, I am excited to share with you something new I have been working on.  Here is a little sneak peek...  any guesses? An official announcement will be coming in the next few days.

Another holiday favorite? 24/7 Christmas music.  Several local Cleveland radio stations has been playing Christmas music since the beginning of Novemeber.  Nothing gets me into the spirit of the holiday season more than Christmas music on the radio.  Except for maybe this....

Christmas movies on The Hallmark Channel!!!  Any chance I can, I try turning the channel which seems to be permanently on Disney Junior over to The Hallmark Channel.  Anyone else addicted to The Hallmark Channel to watch all their original Christmas movies this time of year?  I promise you will love it!!

Hope you all have an amazing weekend!!

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  1. My two yo baby girl called her pacifiers, "Paci," too! That was ten years ago!! I can't believe she was still looking for Jack this year!

  2. So fun cutting your own tree! I really miss doing that and have never done it with my littles. I had a really bad reaction to a tree two years in a row and after that I started buying artificial. Insert sad face. :)


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