Thursday, March 31, 2016

Easter Season 2016

Hello friends! I hope you all had a wonderful Easter!  Our weather couldn't have been more perfect for an early Easter in March, it truly was a beautiful day that the Lord had made.  

I wanted to take a few minutes to recap our entire Easter season including a few events that made this time of year special for our family.  We made so many Easter memories this season for us to remember for years to come!

We kicked off the Easter season in the beginning of March with Breakfast with the Easter Bunny.  This is one event that has definitely turned into a cherished tradition with my side of the family.  My sister and her family along with my parents joined us for a fun filled morning of good eats and fun Easter activities for the kids.  The cousins always have such a blast together at this event!  

Jeff snapped this adorable picture of the kids right before we left our house and honestly it's better than any of the 399 pictures I took of the kids on Easter Day itself.  Yay for bonus pictures from Daddy!

We are blessed to live in a neighborhood that has so many kids and the Moms are always planning some kind of fun activity for the kids to do.  

This year the neighborhood kids participated in probably one of the coldest Easter hunts EVER but the kids didn't seem to mind as they raced around picking up eggs in their Winter coats.  About 2.5 seconds after the egg hunt wrapped up, you saw all of the Moms bolt inside the clubhouse to warm up. Me being one of them.  Ha!  After the hunt, there were fun activities for the kids along with a few guinea pigs to check out.  I don't think Jillian put this little guy down the entire time.

We also received this sweet "Egged" basket on our front porch one afternoon from a very thoughtful Easter bunny neighbor.  

The babies had a blast kicking off their Spring Break this past Thursday by having a stuffed animal party in my soaking tub.  I have to be honest, I laid in there with them for a few minutes and it was quite comfy! They might be onto something here...

On Friday the kids decorated Easter eggs while we watched March Madness.  And let me just tell you at that moment my bracket officially blew up!!!  I was doing so well and then boom! Kansas lost and it was all over for this girl.   #curseyoukansas

On Saturday, I worked on a melted crayon craft project with my girl.  This fun craft was inspired by a YouTube video that Jillian could not wait to try out. I think It turned out super cute and hoping to find a way to creatively hang it in the toy room.  

On Easter Day, Jillian woke us up first.  She couldn't wait to see what Shopkins presents the Easter bunny had brought her.  Jeff snapped some pretty adorable pictures of the kids faces as they entered the Great room.  My sweet girl...

And my excited little guy...

After breakfast we headed to church before driving to my sisters for the rest of the day.

As mentioned earlier, this is about the best that we could do as far as pictures go on the actual day itself.  Thank goodness for Daddy's bonus picture from our breakfast with the Easter bunny.

My sister hosted a delicious Easter meal and a fun Easter egg hunt for all of the cousins.

We are truly blessed to have had such a fun and memorable Easter season.  This week the kids and I are enjoying our Spring Break with some quality time at home with a few play dates thrown in the mix to get us out of the house.  Hopefully these two will like each other by the end of the week, with all of the fighting so far, I am not so sure :) I hope you all had an amazing Easter as well!

Thanks for reading today, see you back here tomorrow for my Friday Favorites!


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