Friday, May 13, 2016

Friday Favorites

Hello friends and Happy Friday!!  I hope you all had a great week.  We have been dealing with 2 sick babies over here so we have been forced to slow down and take it easy.  I can finally say as of this morning they seem to both be over this nasty virus and we can resume our end of school year crazy schedule :) 
Per usual, I am linking up with Erika for my Friday Favorites!!!  Here is what I have been loving these last few weeks...

This sweet boy and Spring flag football.  This Spring was the first time we had signed Nicholas up for a competitive sport and he is LOVING it.  I just never realized just how much I would LOVE it too.  And he is good!!  I may be a little biased but he has beyond impressed me with his skills.  And all the little boys playing football are just too precious for words.
 Spring class field trips.  One of my dreams as a stay at home mom would be to always be available to attend school activities and field trips.  I am certainly living the dream being able to go to the Lake Farm Park TWICE this Spring, once with each baby.  This past week we had Jillian's class trip to the Farm Park and it was every bit as fun as my trip with Nicholas a few weeks prior.  This Mama even got to ride the school bus which was an extra treat for me.  My girl and I posing for a little school bus selfie :)
This sweet girl even got to milk a cow!
We had a fun filled Mother's Day weekend with this crew and both sides of our families.  Sadly, it was so much of a whirlwind, I didn't snag any pictures.  #momfail  So thankful for these 2 special babies who made me a Mama!
I have always loved MAC Makeup and have been loving MAC lipsticks once again.  I have been obsessed with bright pink colors this season and have actually bought several off of eBay if you can believe it.  I even was able to find my absolute favorite Mac lipstick color on eBay, Skew, that had retired several years ago.  Score!!!  Who doesn't love a good eBay find?  It was like having a long lost friend return. 
I saw this graphic on Facebook yesterday and it made me chuckle.  Loved it!  What I am not loving about it is how spot on it is and a very accurate description with how our May has been shaping up.  Yesterday it was almost 80, this weekend is going to be around 55.  I may have to bust the Winter coat again for Nicholas's football game this Saturday.
I hope you all have an amazing weekend friends!!

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  1. I am so over this weather! Glad everyone is feeling better!


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