Friday, July 29, 2016

Friday Favorites ~ Summer 2016 Edition

Hellooooooooooo friends!!!!  How the heck are you?  OMG, I can not even believe that May was my last blog post although at the same time, I can.  Once mid-May hit (pretty much the date of my last post) life has taken on a whole new kind of crazy busy.  Mid-May kicked off the end of the school year crunch time, followed by our Disney vacation that promptly began 2 days after school ended.  I pretty much lost all control of any kind of blogging schedule after that.  I have been missing the ole' blog lately and with that start of a new school year on the horizon (3 weeks away, eek!!!), I am ready to get back at it, or at least attempt to while Summer is still in session.  

I am linking up today with my friend Erika for her Friday Favorites so bare with me as I catch you up on our Summer happenings!


As I mentioned above, we left for Disney 2 days after school ended.  Trying to prepare for a 10 day Disney vacation all while trying to stay on top of the end of the school year activities made for an interesting couple of weeks.  We had an amazing time at Disney but was certainly playing catch up for a full week after the trip just trying to get our life back on track and used to our new "normal" Summer routine.  

The kids had an absolute blast in Disney, a few highlights was the new Star Wars focused Hollywood Studios...

....meeting Kilo Ren...

...playing life sabers with the Storm Troopers

...and Jedi training!  A few other highlights of our trip were meeting Joy and Sadness...

...the Bippity Boppity Boo Boutique...

 and watching the Electrical Parade!

Cleveland Cavaliers

As I was looking through all of our pictures taken so far this Summer, I couldn't possibly leave out our amazing Cleveland Cavaliers!!!  A lot of time was spent at the beginning of this Summer glued to our television watching the amazing playoff run of our beloved Cavaliers.  I can't even explain the emotions felt after we beat Golden State in Game 7 of the Finals and the pride we felt for our amazing city. 

 It was something I will always cherish for the rest of my life.  Once the Cavs returned home, we decided to head downtown to celebrate with 1.3 million of our closest friends and attend the victory parade downtown.  I am so glad our kids got to experience this once in a lifetime event!!!!

I still get chills just thinking about it!!!  So thrilled for our city.  Finally!!!

Kids Activities

Dance recitals, baseball and swimming lessons....oh my!  In June, Jillian wrapped up a successful year of dance classes with an adorable dance recital.  She did such a great job, I can not believe how much she has improved over a year.  She is certainly my sweet, little dancer!!  

Both kids were involved in baseball this Summer and Jeff even coached Jillian's baseball team.  Baseball was a full blown family affair this Summer!! Many a week nights and Saturday mornings were spent watching my sweet babies (and husband!) play baseball.

I love my sweet little baseball players and Jillian's coach was pretty cute too :)

We are so blessed to have a pool in our neighborhood and we have certainly made the most of it this Summer!!  We also took advantage of the swimming lessons offered at our pool.  It's been so nice being able to WALK to swim lessons in the morning!!!  

4th of July

My neighbor and I were in charge of planning our annual 4th of July neighborhood parade this year.  I love that our neighborhood has so many kids and the parents all love to plan fun activities throughout the year to create a close knit community for everyone to enjoy.

My precious babies!  Love them!

Cedar Point

We took the kids to Cedar Point for the first time and they had a blast!  

I used to spend my Summers at Cedar Point with my family and loved that the kids are finally old enough that they could finally enjoy it too!  We also spent the day with my parents, sibling and their families which made for an extra special day.
We are so blessed to have had such an amazing Summer so far.  The weather has also been truly perfect!  I can not even think of a day where we have had to spend it inside due to rain.  And it's not over yet!  We have plans to finish off the Summer with a quick camping trip and a week in Myrtle Beach.  Looking forward to making even more precious memories with my sweet family.  I hope you all have been having a wonderful Summer too!

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