Friday, August 19, 2016

Friday Favorites ~ 2016 Summer Wrap Up Edition

Hello friends!  I hope you all had an amazing week!  Summer continues to fly by as we try and soak up every last moment.  Glimpses of Fall have started to creep into our life as Jillian went back to school yesterday and Nicholas began his first Fall Flag Football practice.  So hard to believe we are at this point in the year again!!!  Nevertheless, I am excited and looking forward to the last few weeks of Summer weather and a fun Fall with my family.

Per usual, I am linking up with Erika for my Friday Favorites!!!  ...In the spirit of my last post, I am going to share a few of our recent Summer happenings to document our life lately.


First of all, are you all on Snapchat?  So after months and months of saying I wasn't going to join yet another social media platform, I decided to sign up this Summer to see what all the fuss was about.  Plus, I have been hearing lately how it's an amazing tool for mompreneurs to use and so of course, I had to do it :)  And I have to admit I love it and it is probably one of my favorite social media apps at the moment.  With that said, I am officially declaring Summer 2016 as the Summer of Snapchat.  Come follow me, my user name is karentucci


A few weekends ago, we decided to take the kids camping.  Both Jeff and I used to enjoy camping as kids and wanted to see how our kids would do sleeping overnight in a tent.  It was so much fun!!!  They certainly passed the test and can see us spending a few more weekends camping next Summer.   

We camped at Mohican State Park which was one of my family's favorite campgrounds growing up and I was excited to take a trip down memory lane and share this amazing place with my family.   

We spent the weekend swimming at the campground pool, canoeing the Mohican River, and roasted marshmallows at night.  I just loved all of our new adventures that we went on this Summer!


We spent the last week of Summer vacation in Myrtle Beach with just the four of us and had the best time.  It was so relaxing and the perfect way to end a fun Summer!  For those of you who have been reading my blog for awhile, you all know that Myrtle Beach is my happy place and I was glad we were able to head back there this year.   

I just love our view from the balcony!  There is nothing better than sitting here with a cup of coffee and a good book.

Nicholas is obsessed with miniature golf right now and spent one evening after dinner playing.  This little man right here shot 2 holes in one!  

This was probably one of the most low-key vacations we have had in Myrtle Beach and spent most of it at the pool.  

The last night of our vacation was spent at the infamous Pirate Voyage taking in dinner and a show.  Nicholas has always had a love for Pirates and swords and was thrilled that this show still excited him.



It was back to school and the start of first grade for this sweet girl.  My Mama heart certainly had a tough time watching this girl get on the bus again for another school year.  Wasn't she just in Kindergarten?  

We signed Jillian up for Soccer this Fall for the first time and I couldn't be more excited for her. I just know she is going to be amazing!

We are so blessed to have had such an amazing Summer, such a bittersweet time as we are seeing it slowly end this week.  So many fun first for our family as our babies continue to grow older and we experienced so many new things.  Wishing you all an easy transition as your babies head back to school too!!  Have a great weekend :)

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  1. Hi Karen! I found your blog through the Friday Favorites link up and I am so excited to read more from you! That picture of your kiddos in the pool is just darling! I hope the back to school adjustment goes well for your sweet crew!


  2. Your kiddos are so cute! Hoping for a trip to Myrtle Beach in the new year to watch our oldest play basketball! I can't believe the summer is over. Alise will have her first full week of school this week. I hope we make it! lol

  3. I need to give snap chat a try. I just don't get it. Maybe you can give me a lesson!

  4. Love your dress!! Where did you get it?


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