Monday, August 22, 2016

Quick and Easy Entryway Makeover

Hello friends!  I hope you that you had a wonderful weekend!  I am so excited to share with you today a recent Home Decor project that pulled together this Summer.  I absolutely love how this space turned out and it all came together by simply shopping my own home.  Don't you just love when that happens?  Let's start at the beginning to see how our front entryway finally transformed to one of my favorite spaces in our home.  The before:

To mark the beginning of this transformation, we will have to go all the way back to 2010.  Wow!  I found this picture from a previous blog post and was so thrilled to have even found a decent photo from 6 years ago to show you just how far this space has changed.  As you can see, I had bought a tall red vase and sticks from TJMaxx when I was pregnant with Jillian and that was about as creative as I got for that space as babies entered our home shortly thereafter and all home decor priorities came to a screeching halt.

This space started to slowly take shape almost 4 years later when I purchased this black cabinet in December 2014 from Homegoods.  I found this space a little tricky to decorate, I needed a pretty wide yet very narrow table to fit comfortably.  A traditional console table/bench was too wide and would block the entry way.  

A few months later I found the most perfect mirror to hang over the cabinet. I absolutely love it!!!  It is still one of my all time favorite decor pieces in our entire home.  It makes me smile every time I pass by it!  I had been looking for the perfect sunburst mirror to hang above the cabinet and I practically skipped out of Homegoods with it the day I bought it.  It just HAD to work.  And it did!!!  I remember propping it up on the cabinet the moment I brought it home, I was SO happy.

Two years after finding the most perfect mirror, this space looked like this.  I had been holding out on buying a few accessories from Homegoods to decorate it, but as you know,  life happens and this cabinet continued to remain sparsely decorated.  I tried a few lamps and accessories from Target here and there, however, nothing never seemed to look right and back to the store they went.  Something in me just clicked this Summer as I grew tired of not having a perfectly decorated cabinet. This space deserved better!  I decided to jump on Pinterest to find a decorated cabinet for inspiration and it was just what I needed.  Pinterest for the win!!  One thing I noticed when looking for inspiration, I was always drawn to tables decorated with different heights and textures. Here are a few of the inspirational photos that I used as my guide:

After searching around my basement for similar accessories, my perfectly decorated cabinet finally started to take shape.  I found a set of apothecary jars, a banana leaf tray, a small boxwood planter and a family photo.  All sitting in my basement collecting dust.  I am such a visual person and truly just needed to see a similarly decorated space and the ideas just started flowing.  

This space now looks finished and serves as the perfect welcoming entryway to our home.  I couldn't be happier!!  

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  1. You did a great job! Love it!

  2. It looks great! It's time for me to redo everything at home!


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