Tuesday, November 29, 2016

A Day in the Life

Hello friends!  I hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving weekend with friends and family.  We spent it decorating for the Christmas holidays, visiting with friends and simply just enjoying a few days of each others company.  It was a fun filled few days but happy to be back into our usual routine today.  Last Monday I made the attempt of capturing a day in the life of us, it has been a LONG while since I have done this and wanted to capture at least one day of our routine before Nicholas heads to Kindergarten next year.

My alarm went off at 7:30, this is my time to get up, grab my coffee and make Jillian's lunch.  Nicholas will crawl into bed with us around 3am almost every night so I also snapped a quick shot of my little cuddle buddy and went downstairs.  I love this little man so much!

Jeff has already left for the day so this is my time to enjoy a little bit of quiet time and think about what we have going on for the day.

At 8am I head upstairs to wake up Jillian to start our busy morning routine.  

Nicholas hears me trying to wake up his sister and joins me in my efforts in trying to get her up.  After a few failed attempts, Nicholas apparently felt that this was a job for a super hero.

The kids are finally awake and dressed so we all head downstairs for breakfast.  

I have 20 minutes left to give Jillian her breakfast, brush her teeth and grab her coat and shoes before heading out to grab the bus at 8:30.  I also organize their book bags one last time to make sure they have everything.

My sweet girl waiting for the bus...

And off she goes...  I don't know if I will ever get used to that sad feeling of putting my kids on the bus for the day.  I miss her already!

I walk back to our home and snap a picture of our house to capture the colorful leaves in the back drop.  Such a pretty time of year! 

 Once Jillian is safely on the bus, I head back inside to get dressed, grab my coffee, and get Nicholas ready for preschool.  Nicholas's day begins at 9am so once Jillian is on the bus, it's a mad dash to head over to the other side of town.

Once Nicholas is at school, it is officially "Mama" time.  I get a rare 6 hours a week to myself and I try to use it VERY wisely.  Depending on the day, I will either run a few errands, straighten up the house, or write a blog post.  Today I am heading home to write up my Easy Pizza Recipe for Kids blog post.  This is the face of a happy Mama about to enjoy a quiet home :)

Sitting in my office looking out the window white both kids are at school is so relaxing!!  It is truly one of my favorite things to do during the week.  

After pushing the "publish" button on my blog post, I head upstairs to quickly curl my hair before picking up Nicholas from school.  I decided to snap a quick picture of my outfit before heading out the door.  

At this point, my picture taking for thd day has just about ended.  LOL!!!  That is pretty much what life is like being alone with Nicholas.  Very demanding and not much time to concentrate on what I am doing.   At 3:15 I get Jillian off the bus and did remember to snap a picture to document that occasion.

Once Jillian is home, I clear out her book bag and give both kids a snack.  I start to think about what I plan on making for dinner and decided on a mini-meatloaf recipe I came across using Manwich.  I will be blogging about that one here soon!

Not everyone in the house likes Manwich so I decided to top half with it and half without.  Jeff usually arrives home around 6pm and we eat shortly after that. After dinner the kids love to play and hang out with their Daddy, especially Nicholas.  Jeff is Nicholas's sports buddy so the two of them will typically play hockey or baseball for a bit while Jillian plays with her Barbie's or colors.  

At 8:15 I start the kids bedtime routine.  Nicholas goes to bed first.  He has an obsession with going to sleep in our bed and as you can see, with all of his stuffed dogs.  Once my little man is asleep, I carry him (and all of his little dogs) to his bed for the night.  

Once he is safely in his room, I head downstairs to put Jillian to bed.  After the kids are in bed, I will typically watch TV with Jeff for a bit or head into my office to do a little work.  

I hope you all enjoyed a little snippet of our day in the life of us.  It's both fun and exhausting all rolled up into one :)  

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  1. Love this outfit! Enjoy the snuggles with your little guy. Someday he will barely let you peek in and tell him goodnight. :)


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