Thursday, January 03, 2019


Happy 2019 friends!!!  I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with your friends and family and are looking forward to 2019 as much as I am.  First of all, I am thrilled to be back to blogging.  The last few months of 2018 brought a lot of changes and challenges with it and the one thing that has been on my heart through it all is how much I missed blogging and the community that comes with it.  I started this little ole' blog back in 2006 and so much has changed since then.  Not to mention I have a lot of outdated links and information on here!!  I will get to updating all of it soon, and in the meantime, excited to reconnect with all of you once again.  Why not kick off the blogging 2019 season by recapping my 9 top Instagram posts of 2018?

For me, Instagram had basically turned into my blog, it's a snapshot of our daily life and things I am currently loving.  It has also evolved into a Style and Beauty blog among anything.  As you can see, 8 of the 9 most popular Instagram posts of 2018 were of me sharing with all of you a favorite outfit.  Although most of the shopping links are from the Summer and no longer valid, I wanted to share with you all a few details about each outfit and where I purchased them from.  A few of the items I have linked are surprisingly still in stock.

Photo #1
Leopard Shoes - The infamous Walmart Leopard Shoes are a current staple in my closet and one of the items I receive the most comments about.  They really are as beautiful in person as they are in the photo.  Who would have thought Walmart would carry such a high quality, leopard bootie?

Photo #2
Kimono is from Impressions Boutique, White Tee is from Target, Cutoff Jeans Shorts are Old Navy

Photo #3
Black Shorts Romper is from Macy's

Photo #4
Pink Floral Top is from Old Navy, Orange Tassel Earrings are From Target, White Cutoff Jean Shorts are Old Navy

Photo #5
Black Pantsuit is from Nordstroms

Photo #6
Blue Off the Shoulder Dress is from JCPenney

Photo #7
Striped Cardigan is from, White Tee is from Target, Jeans are from Old Navy

Photo #8
Floral Top is from Old Navy, Tassel Earrings are from Jane.comWhite Cutoff Jean Shorts are Old Navy

Photo #9
Orange Floral Off the Should Top is from Impressions Boutique, White Jeans are Old Navy, Nude Wedges are Famous Footwear    

I personally want to welcome you all back to my blog along with any new readers that may stop by along the way.  I hope to inspire you throughout 2019 with simple and affordable style, beauty, fitness and skincare tips.  Enjoy your day!

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