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2019 Best of Suburban Style Life

Happy New Years friends!  So hard to believe it is officially 2020.  The past few months flew by in a blur hence the reason for my last blog post in April.  I am so excited for a more consistent blogging schedule for this year and thought it would be fun to recap the Top 10 most popular items you all shopped for in 2019!  Spoiler alert...I was surprised that the Top 8 were all from Amazon!  This was surprising to me considering I do most of my posts with Old Navy pieces with a few from Target and Amazon sprinkled in here and there.  I certainly know now what I need to focus on for 2020!

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2019 Best of Suburban Style Life

My Top 10 items are based on stats from my ShopStyle Collective account.  So without any further ado, let's dive into what you all were shopping for in 2019!

I am not surprised that a luxe item from Old Navy made the Top 10.  If you don't own a Luxe item, your closet is truly missing out.  Nothing beats the high quality fabric for the inexpensive price.  And they wash so well and barely ever wrinkle!  And the biggest plus?  It's one of the rare white pieces that will not show your bra.  Nothing is worse then finding a white top that you love and you can see your bra through it, no matter what color your bra is.  I typically layer my luxe pieces under a cardigan or vest during the colder months or alone when it's warmer.  They are so versatile! Old Navy's luxe line comes in swing tanks, short sleeve tee or long sleeve tee.

These pull on jeggings from Old Navy have forever changed how I will wear jeans. You just can't beat the no button waist band, all of your tops lay flat and smooth. And who doesn't need that after the holidays? Pure genius! I own them in black, white and denim, distressed and regular.  They are truly that amazing!

This adorable multi print Christmas Tree raglan tee really won your hearts.  I only shared it once and it was a huge hit.  One reader had asked me if the colors had bled through, she was hesitant to buy it due to a review she had read, and I am happy to report it did not for me.  I washed mine in cold and hung to dry and it is all ready to be worn for next Christmas.

I love this K necklace and still wear it practically every day.  It's the perfect statement necklace that can be worn daily and with any outfit.  

These next few items have me longing for those warm, Summer days at the pool.  This cover up was a popular blogger favorite and I have to agree.  It's very flattering and comes in several colors to match any bathing suit attire.

If I had to choose, this bathing suit is the clear winner of 2019.  I was so skeptical about purchasing a bathing suit from Amazon but let me tell you how glad I am.  It is probably the most flattering swim suit I have ever owned and that includes the pre-Mom days of my 20's. I loved it so much, I bought it in both black and this bright blue color.  Several friends of mine at our neighborhood pool have asked me for the link to this suit and that is by far the biggest compliment to me.  You truly can't go wrong with this suit!  For sizing, you will most likely want to go up one size based on the reviews.  I typically wear a Size 6 in dresses and ordered a Size 8, it was perfect.

I absolutely love dressing up a Summer outfit with statement earrings, however, I can not wear heavy earrings.  That is why I love these multi-colored boho statement earrings.  They are super light, amazing quality, and won't break your budget.


This hair dryer from Revlon is the clear winner for hair gadgets in 2019.  It hit the blogger world by storm last Spring and I can see why.  I use it on both myself and my ten year old daughter.  

I love it for her because it cuts down on tangles and smooths out her hair, the bristles are similar to the wet brush so it rarely tangles.  For myself, I barely ever flat iron my hair anymore before I curl it, it has cut down on a lot of styling time for me.  One thing I will recommend for us thick haired ladies is to dry your hair for 5-10 minutes beforehand with a regular hair dryer just to take out some of the excess water.

I was so excited to add these statement earrings to my collection last Spring, a good pair of statement earrings can truly transform and outfit from boring to amazing!  And these do just that!  I also love the fun leopard print.  These earrings are also very light and won't hurt your ears.


Drum roll please!!!  And the winner of the Suburban Style Life top purchased item for 2019 is the Louis Vuitton inspired Daisy Tote.  You all loved this tote and I personally own one in this brown color and the cream.  The brown is perfect for everyday and I use the cream during the Summer months.  Nothing beats a sturdy, good quality tote and you couldn't beat the price.  A big should out to my friend Gina, I ran into her at church during Christmas mass and she was carrying the Daisy Tote!  I am sad to report though that this item has not been restocked for some time and the link is no longer available on Amazon.  You all know I will be keeping you posted if it ever does come back, be sure you are following my Facebook page and are a part of my Beauty and Style group for all the latest updates.  

Did any of your 2019 favorites make the list?  What were some of your favorites that didn't?  I would love to hear from you in the comments below.


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