Friday, May 15, 2020

Friday Favorites

Hello friends and Happy Friday!  So hard to believe we are almost done with school, next week is the kids official last week and it truly has felt like a blur and the longest two months of my life all at once.  We are not sure what Fall is going to look like for us here in Ohio, there is talk of a blend of homeschool and in-school instruction.  With everything opening back up again for the Summer, only time will tell how it will all play out.  Per usual, I am linking up with Erika, Andrea and Narci and sharing with you all of my favorites this past week and looking forward to reading all about yours.  Without further ado...let's get on to what I have been loving this Friday!


Jillian had been asking me for a girls night so I planned a fun night for my girl.  We had a lot of fun and will definitely be doing it again in the future!


Introducing my new office!  With Jeff now working from home, he has taken over my office since it is better equipped for him to be on conference calls, set up his computer, etc.  So the guest bedroom for my office it is!  As you can see, it is a bit different from my old office, but I am loving my new view and the natural light.  The guest bedroom has the best view and lighting in our entire house, and not to mention, I have the cutest office assistants ever!  I am looking forward to working in here over the Summer and until Jeff goes back to his Corporate office.


The Faster Way to Fat Loss is still a favorite as we wrap up Week 4.  I haven't missed a workout yet and can feel myself getting stronger!  One challenge I have found trying do this program during a pandemic is that you are at the mercy with what you have in your home to eat.  You can't just run to the grocery store in a pinch anymore as we try to limit our grocery store trips to at least once a week.  I made this delicious veggie burger salad this week and it was surprisingly a win!  

These riced veggies from Green Giant have been a LIFE SAVER during my Faster Way to Fat Loss journey!  They are sooo good and they have barely any calories or carbs.  I was a serious rice girl before the program and these have proved to be such a satisfying alternative.  If I am not sure what to eat for dinner, I just pop one of these in the microwave, saute a bunch of onions, soy sauce, add a protein and some peas, and I have dinner!  It's delicious.  Trying to stick to my Macros and coming up with fun meals has definitly been a favorite!  Can't wait to see what my results are after Week 6.  Only 2 more weeks to go!


Kimonos for Spring is definitely a favorite!!  They are lightweight, inexpensive and they dress up the simplest white tee and jean shorts.  Have you jumped on the Kimono trend yet?

This green floral one is my fav, hopefully more sizes will come back into stock as the weather warms up!


I shared on my instastories last week that I switched to Native, an aluminum free deodorant. I mean, is there truly a better time to try out a new deodorant than during a quarantine?  LOL! So far it is going well, my only advice so far is that you definitly need to reapply the next day or you will notice :). I will eventually be giving a full review on this product in the near future...stay tuned!

I hope you all have a great weekend!  Stay safe! 

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