Thursday, January 11, 2007

Still putting away the Christmas decor

I honestly don't think I will ever be done. I have been doing this the past few nights after work and I just don't feel like I have made any progress. I am trying so hard to keep up with the "staying organized" resolution and so far not so good. I did find a couple of fun things at Target as an attempt to try to spruce up the house, like my cute new rug. It matches my green curtains which I love. The latest and greatest on the house saga is that we had the mold looked at on our fireplace and the chimney itself. So, as our luck would have it, we need to pay $5K to tear it down. Yikes! We are going to get a realtor when we sell this house and ask them if it is worth it to tear down or just take it out of our listing price. Hopefully they just want us to patch it and that is the end of it. The market is picking up so we are going to look at a few houses this weekend.
Work has been crazy, I have a new girl working for me, who I have been training all week. I really like her and think she will fit well in our group. Training her takes away from my own work so I don't think I am doing well with the do not stress at work resolution either!!! Oh well, there is always next week!!! On Saturday, Jeff and I have his department holiday part at Sammy's in Legacy Village. I am really looking forward to it, I have never been to Sammy's, downtown or Legacy Village. I hear the food is fabulous and it will give me a fun reason to dress up. I love going to department parties when it's not my own!!! :)

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