Wednesday, February 28, 2007

There is finally a light at the end of the tunnel...

Tomorrow is March 1st, the official kick off to the house hunting season according to my friend Diane in the relocation department at work. I can not even begin to tell you how excited I am to finally put our house on the market and buy our dream home. I have been making hundreds of lists what I want to do to make this house look it's best to sell. I know I have made post after post of all the bad luck we have had this winter with our house. It has been a rough winter but our house is actually quite nice. When Jeff bought it five years ago, it had all neutral decor which is a huge plus for a house built in the 1950's, brand new neutral carpeting throughout, and a huge master bedroom and kitchen. I can recall five years ago when Jeff and I first started dating trying to help him look for a house to buy. I remember looking at crappy house after crappy house. It was so discouraging. When we finally found this house, it was like we had won the lottery. We have grown a lot since then and are now ready to move onto the next chapter in our lives, a new house with hopefully a new baby to fill it with. We are officially putting our house on the market in a few weeks so wish us luck in our new and exciting adventure!!!!


  1. I pray you are able to fix everything up and sell your house, soon. I also pray that you find the perfect house that fits your family's needs now and in the future!I enjoy browsing through houses on line, so I'll be excited to see what you guys look at, and end up getting:)

  2. Nice Post! And the picture is also very good. Thanks to share this post with us....


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