Sunday, April 27, 2008

Help me choose a pillow!

I bought 4 pillows at Target this weekend to try to help me decide on an accent color for our greatroom/kithen. Here are the four I picked out, please leave me a comment and know if you have a personal favorite!!!

1. Black pillow that reminds me of my HGTV picture below.
2. Green, blue, and brown stripe
3&4 are silk pillows


  1. Pillow #1!!!! I love the black pillow--it looks really cool. My next fave would be pillow #2 as I'm a huge fan of stripes. Girl, you've got great taste!!

  2. Pillow #1 - it pops and gives the chair a little extra "oomph".

  3. I love #2, but I'm just a sucker for those colors. #1 is my second fave.


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