Saturday, October 11, 2008

Rate My Space Spotlight - Me!

I decided to put myself out there on Rate My Space. I am hoping someone can provide some insight on my Great Room/Kitchen decorating challenge. Here are my pics and link of the site:

My Rate My Space


  1. I simply adore all that natural light coming from all those windows! And I know I've commented before on how AWESOME your kitchen is! I'm jealous;)

  2. I could live in your kitchen, seriously. I'd sleep on the granite. It'd be comfy. :)

  3. I forgot to mention that! I had HGTV on all night long, I finally turned it off when it started to get light at 6am.

    I have a thing about "bad commericals" ie any scary movies, so I needed to have it on a channel that wouldn't have commericals like that lol! So HGTV!

  4. I'm going through some serious kitchen envy here. Beautiful, I love everything! G&D has a similar layout - Kitchen, Eating area, Living room flow together and it seems to work well, you might take a look at her space if you're feeling the need for inspiration, but I think it looks great.


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