Saturday, November 22, 2008

Week 5

We made it to week 5!!! I am still in shock but it is starting to sink in. It's been such a happy week, life after infertility is just so wonderful. I am just thankful everyday and I can't believe we are finally back here again. Of course, I am still scared to death. I have purchase a whole set of white underwear which will clue me in on any spotting incidents right away. I am nuts I know but I am just so scared of having a miscarriage again. Right away this little peanut seems to be strong. I got a strong positive test right at 13dpo and my boobs have been SORE! I don't remember them being this sore the last time and BIG! I bought a 34D bra yesterday at Target just to see if it would fit better than my C's have been lately and it did! OMG, I can't believe I am at a D already! I haven't been experiencing too many other symptoms just yet, my sense of smell has increased a little, it seems like I can really smell my co-workers lunches at work. It's so hard to keep quite about this again. We told our parents right away and plan on telling my siblings and Grandma at dinner next Friday. We will be almost 6 weeks pregnant by then. Week 6-7 was the ugly time for us the last time around so I know I am going to be a nervous wreck up until our 7 week ultra sound. I am trying to enjoy this as much as I can and try not to be such a nervous freak about too much. It took us so long just to get back here that I don't want to be afraid my whole pregnancy and look back and realize I didn't even enjoy it. Of course part of me wishes someone would just knock me out until July and then let me just ride out the last few weeks of my prenancy knowing my baby is full term and it's summer!!!!!!

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  1. wow - I hate to wish this on you - but I hope you get the worst morning sickness ever. Isn't that how you know that your baby is really strong?!


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