Sunday, August 02, 2009

A Tale of a Pregnant Girl's Closet

Trying to figure out what to wear every morning when you are nineteen weeks pregnant is an adventure. I think I am late for work at least ten minutes every morning because of how long it takes for me to pick out something suitable to wear. My closet lately has been looking like this:

busting at the seams but all I can wear is this:

A handful of outfits that still fit me or are some new maternity purchases. I have found that shopping for maternity clothes is very challenging!! I want to look good, but at the same time, I don't want to spend a lot of money on items that I will probably only wear for a season. I have had some luck at Target and Motherhood. I have even purchased a few items from Old Navy Maternity on-line. My closet has been due for a make over for awhile now and all of these new maternity clothes have really pushed my closet capacity to the brink of total collapse.
I try to clean out my closet at least twice a year, typically once before Summer and once before Winter. Or otherwise knows as the only two seasons of Cleveland weather!!!! I think I missed my pre-Summer purging opportunity this year since the start of Summer began when I was still grasping at ANYTHING in my closet that fit. I needed it all right in front of me to assess wear-ability each morning. So after a lot of frustration from trying to squeeze all of my clean laundry into my closet this weekend, I realized that it needed a purge, and fast!
When I started the purging process today, I started off a little slow. A faded top here or an out of style pair of pants there. Then I really found myself getting on a roll. After awhile, my bed started to look like a bomb went off with all of the clothes I deemed as no longer wearable.

It felt so good to get rid of A LOT of clothes. Here is the final result of a much needed project. All ready to be donated.

So how often do you clean out your closet? Once a season? And for all you pregnant ladies, any great maternity finds lately that you can share? I now have room in my closet!


  1. I finally cleaned out my closet when my husband forced me to a few months ago. I had stuff that I hadn't worn in like 3 years, haha, so it was about time. I just hate to give up things that I paid money for and are still in good shape. But I did it, and donated them to someone who will actually wear them!

    PS. Congrats on the pregnancy, and your house is beautiful!

  2. I can't help in the maternity department, but I try to do a closet clean out every season. This fall's getting a major purge!

  3. That is the worst when you are pregnant! I finally packed up all my "pre-pregnancy" clothes around 20 weeks and put them in storage for a while because it made me so sad to look at them.

    I know it sounds pretty white-trashy, but I have found some good deals at K-Mart! And cheap!


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