Sunday, November 01, 2009

32 Weeks

How far along? 32 weeks

Total weight gain/loss: 28 lbs. Do I still need to answer this question? It is my blog though, and I do want to document EVERYTHING about this pregnancy, we'll just hope she is a big girl! :) All the Halloween candy I have eaten this week certainly does not help matters! It's all coming to work with me on Monday, it needs to get out of the house.

Maternity clothes? All I do wear is maternity clothes. I am in that stage where I am longing for all of my old clothes and shoes and will be happy if I never see maternity clothes again! At least until the next pregnancy. I miss my stilettos, I miss my tall boots for Fall, I miss my Seven jeans. Most of all, I miss my Ann Taylor and professional looking clothes!!!! I have become "casual Karen" at work lately but it's comfortable and it gets me through the day. Thank god our company has a business casual dress code. Target maternity has become my new friend these past few months and it's hard for me to even justify buying anything else maternity even from there with only 8 weeks left when there are so many other wonderful baby items to buy!

Stretch Marks: Still none to report! My mom and sister didn't have any so I am hoping that it's just great genes working to my advantage.

Sleep: I get up around twice a night to pee and have twice experienced a funky nerve issue in my neck recently that has woken me up from a dead sleep. I have read about some pregnant women getting a sciatic nerve thing from the baby sleeping a certain way. I am assuming this is it!

Best moment this week: Interacting with her. I can push down on her feet and she moves them away from me. She will then put them back and I start pushing on them again. I can play games with her now. I wonder if she realizes it's her crazy mom picking on her?

Movement: Just feeling her whole body move around has been so much fun for me. I love just feeling around my belly and finding out where she is at. She is easy to find now and I love just waking her up when I want to make sure she is OK. Some days she is really active and I can see little body parts pushing out of my belly. I love resting my hands on her little butt, especially at work when things are going crazy. I am really going to miss having my "little buddy" at work!

Food cravings: Really nothing significant unless you want to count the Halloween candy. I have also been wanting Panera a lot too, I just love all their different soups for Fall. They have recently built a Panera right across the street from our office so I have been occasionally grabbing a Asiago cheese bagel with sun dried tomato cream cheese or a reduced fat blue berry muffin in the morning before work. I have been doing this at least once a week latey. Yum!!!

Gender: Girl! After all of the ultra sounds we have had, this has remained the same! Thank god, what little boy would want a pink room???

Labor Signs: Thankfully none so far. I have had only one or two braxton hicks contractions that really haven't been anything to speak of.

Belly Button in or out? Still out.

What I miss: diet pop! I broke down and had a few sips yesterday of Jeff's and it was heaven!!!!!!

What I am looking forward to: finally meeting her, I am in the final stretch and these last few weeks are going to drag I have a feeling!!!! Work has been nuts lately and just knowing I don't have to deal with it for around 12 weeks is really keeping me going!

Weekly Wisdom: My neighbor was telling me last night at our neighbor's Halloween party how this is the time where everything starts to hurt and my hip's really start to spread out. Ugh, can't wait for that! Luckily I have been still feeling pretty good, no major aches or pains to complain about.

Milestones: Making it to almost 32 weeks, my niece Nicole was born at 33 weeks in March. I have been watching this video all weekend just amazed that our little girl looks like this now! In the beginning, she looks small, but you do not realize how small she is until my sister's husband puts his hand out and it takes up practically her whole body!!!!!

Take care,


  1. glad everything is going good still. It is amazing how small Nicole is in the video. You really don't notice until he puts his hand in there.

  2. He is really so infant, May god bess him.

  3. Oh Karen I am still so happy for you! I know you are both excited to meet Jillian.

    Your niece was so tiny. She's precious! :)

  4. Forgot to tell you my middle name is Ann as well.


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