Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day Weekend

This weekend was a very busy one for Jeff, Jillian and I. It was filled with a lot of firsts for us as a family. Not only was Friday Jillian's first trip to Target, it was also her first trip to the Olive Garden for dinner. We decided to have a early Valentine's Day dinner and took a chance by bringing Jill. We honestly didn't know how it was going to go and were fully prepared to order our dinner to go if need be. Luckily we didn't have to, she did great, she slept through our whole dinner! We had to wait a little longer than usual since we specifically requested a booth but it all worked out. After dinner we drove to Malley's Chocolate's, a local Cleveland candy store, to purchase the best chocolate strawberries ever. This has been our Valentine's Day tradition ever since Jeff and I started dating nine years ago. We buy a box to enjoy all weekend but they usually do not last past Saturday!!!

On Saturday, I finally got my hair cut and colored. This is the first time in ten months that I have gotten my hair colored so I was REALLY looking forward to this appointment. I am really loving the color, however, I had her put side swept bangs back into my hair. Not sure if I am loving them yet or not. I realized soon after I got the bangs to why I grew them out in the first place. They are annoying! They are constantly hanging in my face, especially when I feed Jillian so I have busted out my stash of bobby pins again to keep them in place. I am hoping they grow out quickly so I can start tucking them behind my ear again.

Saturday night we had plans to go over to the neighbor's house for an adult only Valentine's Day party. I was a stressed out mess before we left and almost decided to skip the party all together. Jill hasn't been taking the bottle very well lately. She has only had a few to begin with and it seems like she hates it more and more with each one that she has. Jeff had to give her a bottle while I was out getting my hair done and if we went to the party, she would have to have another bottle. Jeff's parents were baby sitting for us and I debated for hours on whether or not we should even go. I don't know why I was so nervous, I guess I just "knew" that it wasn't going to go well. I just felt guilty giving her another bottle knowing how much didn't enjoy taking one even for Jeff earlier that day. I haven't quite decided yet what our problem is with the bottle. It could be more gas or the fact that it's just not me. Or perhaps she doesn't like the Dr. Browns bottles that we have been using. I am not sure where to go from here, should I buy different bottles? I am thinking we are going to keep trying these bottles for now and just try giving them to her more often. I go back to work on March 26th and I want to feel comfortable knowing that my baby girl is going to eat and happily! I decided in the end to go to the party and have Jeff's Mom give her the bottle. I was only at the party for a half hour when I got the call to come home. Jill was flat out refusing the bottle and was quite fussy with the whole situation. Luckily, we were only at the neighbor's house so I drove home without Jeff to feed Jill for an hour. I made it back to the party but felt so badly for leaving Jill. Hopefully things will get better for both of us!!!!

On Sunday, we headed to my brother and sister-in-laws beautiful new home for a house warming party. Their new home is an hour west of us so we had a long nice drive out to their new place. Jill slept the whole way!

My brother Brian and my Sis-In-Law Stephanie in the foyer of their new home:

Jill loved hanging out with her cousin Nicole:

Me with my adorable niece, Nicole:

Me with my BFF in the whole world, my sister!

I wish I would have taken pictures of our trip to Olive Garden and the neighbor's party but unfortunately left my camera at home for both events. I think I need to buy a separate camera just to keep in my baby bag:) Anyone else looking forward to the Bachelor tonight? The whole thing with Ally just wreaks of the Ed story line from the Bachlorette. It's almost a little too scripted to even to be called Reality TV. I am also so excited that the Olympics are here again, we watched them all weekend. It's been enjoyable watching them as we try to make it through another cold winter. I hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day weekend!


  1. It sounds like you had a full, but FUN weekend! And I bet it was awesome to go get your hair did! I love that. :)

  2. Anonymous9:02 PM

    I had a problem getting my daughter to take a bottle at first. I found that if I heated it up REALLY well (98.6 degrees!) she would gulp it right down. Hope that helps!

  3. We took Lizzy to the Olive Garden when she was less than a week old! Good old OG...

    Love the hair!

  4. You were just given a beautiful blogger award!!!

  5. I nominated you for the Happy 101 Award! Jillian is gorgeous - hope you both are doing well. Details can be found here:

  6. Wow you had a packed weekend!!!!!

    I am your newest follower since we both got the beautiful blogger award. I hope you will come by my blog and follow back if you would like. I love meeting new bloggy friends. Juliana from A Blonde Walks Into A Blog

  7. I still get nervous about leaving Libbi and she is almost 8 months old! I guess it eventually gets easier??? You may wanna check with your ped. but ours told me to start giving Libbi a bottle at least once every other day before I went back to work b/c the longer I exclusively bfed her, the more she would refuse to take a bottle. It took a few tries, but now she takes them like a champ (although she's still not thrilled about taking one from me). We use the avent bottles... Good luck! hopefully it's just a phase and bottles will become easier!


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