Tuesday, March 30, 2010

God Bless Jillian

Jillian was baptized on Sunday and I am so thrilled that she is finally a child of God. We are truly blessed to have her in our lives. My baby girl looked so beautiful in her Christening gown, it was hard for me to take it off of her once we arrived home.
We celebrated the occasion with both of our families. My sister was chosen to be Jillian's Godmother and Jeff's brother was her Godfather. Both were the maid of honor and best man in our wedding so it seemed only appropriate for both to also become Jillians's Godparents.
I spent most of the weekend preparing for the big event and for the big party at our house after the ceremony. The best part of having a large group of people over your house is that I was actually able to have my house cleaned from top to bottom. It seems like ever since I became a Mom, I haven't been able to keep up with cleaning our house. Only a few rooms would get cleaned at a time, by the time I got around to cleaning another room, the ones I cleaned a few weeks ago were already dirty and needed to be cleaned again. It's been a never ending cycle of randomly clean and dirty rooms in our house. I feel like we finally have a clean slate to work with!!!! And Momma loves a clean and clutter free house!

She didn't even wake up when the priest poured water on her head:

Such a pretty girl:


  1. She looks beautiful!

  2. Oh I remember the day our Gillian was baptized this past October. What a blessed day!

    Here's my post from our special day! We didn't have a cake though...I'm jealous!

  3. So beautiful. Congrats.

  4. What a special day!

  5. You have such a beautiful family! :o) Looks like a great day...congrats!

  6. You guys are such a beautiful family! And baptism day - I'm looking forward to lots of babies for the baptisms alone :). Just such a joyous occasion!

  7. What a wonderful day! :-)


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