My Laundry Room will never be the same

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Do you all remember this post? A pretty french blue laundry room destined to be a tranquil and organized space? Well, think again. I think that ship has sailed. My laundry room has been a hot mess ever since Jillian was born. I just can't seem to get caught up on our laundry. I actually have installed wire shelving since this post, they have provided me with a lot more space to hang all of her cute little clothes.

As a new Mom, I can not get over how crazy expensive Dreft is. Why is that? Anyone know?

I honestly don't even like how it makes Jillian's clothes smell. I know that Dreft isn't supposed to have any dyes or perfumes in it so perhaps that is why I think her clothes just smell stale. I was at Target a few days ago to buy more Dreft and came across Target's Up and Up version.

I decided it was worth a try. I haven't used it yet but am curious to see if any of you have used it and if you are happy with it. This bottle of detergent was twice as big as the standard Dreft size and four dollars cheaper. At that price, I thought it was definitely worth a try. Who knows, maybe her clothes will also start to smell a little better too. I do have to say that I also own the Dreft stain remover and that works great, I won't be parting with that anytime soon. It has come through for me in my attempts to get out several blow outs!!! I may even start to use it on our clothes. It's that good and worth the money.


  1. Maybe I'm a bad mommy, but I don't even use Dreft--I use All Free & Clear for all of us!

  2. I am with Meredith ~ I never used dreft. with the Peanut I used Costco brand free and clear and with Little Man I have been using Rockin Green on his cloth diapers and started using it on all my laundry. I love the way the Fresh Linen smells (it comes in uncscented and lots of other scents)! And it is affordable _ about .13 a load.

  3. When I asked my doc about laundry detergents for the little one, he said, anything allergen free, dye free and unscented is fine, it does't have to be Dreft. We use All Free and Clear. Cleans the clothes well, although I miss the fresh scent we used to use. And come to think of it, I don't even know if All is cheaper but that's what we use. :) Hope this helps!

  4. We have never used Dreft. I use Tide for all of our clothes. :-) My laundry room constantly looks the same way. I hate it!

  5. Such a great idea. Just bought Dreft yesterday while on a shopping trip to Super Target. Didn't see the Target brand but will have to look closer next time. Also just saw that Tide has a new dye and fragrance free thinking about maybe switching. Oh and don't worry you are not alone. There is always a ton of laundry to do at my house. GG keeps me busy!

    And about the Carter's outfits...Have you ever gone to Babies'R Us and checked out their Carter's selection? I've gotten a bunch of her outfits there and they always run super great deals!

    Finally, love the color of your laundry room!

  6. Hi Karen! Thanks for the follow over at my blog! Your blog looks awesome and catching up on it will no doubt get me through a slow work day! Have a great day =)

  7. I didn't use Dreft. Bad mom:(

    LOL! I even put my son on whole milk at 8 months old. Some of the things we do as moms in the end really don't matter.

    Hope that her clothes smell better and hope you get caught up on your laundry. If I lived close to you, I would come do it. I don't mind that chore.

  8. Funny and true post!! I didn't use Dreft either, All Free and Clear, and since I switched to a regular detergent as our little guy got older. Your post just made me realize I that I wash all of the new baby's clothes in regular detergent??! Oops!! I LOVE Dreft Stain Remover. And another good one is OxyClean Spray Stain Remover. I LOVE dressing
    kids in WHITE so I LOVE a good stain remover :-)

  9. Now that mess of a laundry room is one that I greatly envy, I want that. Seriously, the organized nice laundry room was nice, but having Jillian + a mess is MUCH nicer, imo (and I'm sure you'd agree)!

  10. I used Dreft with my first for about a month and then switched to Purex or All Free and Clear for all of the laundry.


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